100mA Regulated Charge-Pump Inverters in ThinSOT

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1ku List Price Starting From $2.15
  • Fixed Output Voltages: –3V, –5V or Low Noise VIN to –VIN Inverted Output
  • ±4% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Low Quiescent Current: 25µA
  • 100mA Output Current Capability
  • 2.3V to 5.5V Operating Voltage Range
  • Internal 900kHz Oscillator
  • "Zero Current" Shutdown
  • Short-Circuit and Over-Temperature Protected
  • Low Profile (1mm) ThinSOT Package
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The LTC1983-3 and LTC1983-5 are inverting charge pump DC/DC converters that produce negative regulated outputs. The parts require only three tiny external capacitors and can provide up to 100mA of output current. The devices can operate in open loop mode (creating a –VIN supply) or regulated output mode depending on the input supply voltage and the output current.

The LTC1983-3/LTC1983-5 have many useful features for portable applications including very low quiescent current (25µA typical) and a zero current shutdown mode programmed through the SHDN pin.

The LTC1983-3/LTC1983-5 are over-temperature and short-circuit protected. The parts are available in a 6-pin low profile (1mm) ThinSOT package.


  • –3V Generation in Single-Supply Systems
  • Portable Equipment
  • LCD Bias Supplies
  • GaAs FET Bias Supplies
Part Models 4
1ku List Price Starting From $2.15

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

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LTC1983ES6-5 | 100mA Regulated Charge-Pump Inverter, 3V to 5.5V Input, –5VOUT, IOUT up to 100mA Max.

Tools & Simulations

Tools & Simulations 1

LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits.

To launch ready-to-run LTspice demonstration circuits for this part:

Step 1: Download and install LTspice on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the link in the section below to download a demonstration circuit.

Step 3: If LTspice does not automatically open after clicking the link below, you can instead run the simulation by right clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As.” After saving the file to your computer, start LTspice and open the demonstration circuit by selecting ‘Open’ from the ‘File’ menu.

Reference Designs

Reference Designs 1

CN0508 Block Diagram

75 Watt, Single-Output Benchtop Power Supply

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75 Watt, Single-Output Benchtop Power Supply


Circuits from the lab

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75 Watt, Single-Output Benchtop Power Supply

Features and Benefits

  • 75 Watt Power Supply
  • Constant Current (>3A) and Constant Voltage (>25V) Modes
  • True 0V and 0A operation
  • Manual or Software Controlled
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