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Analog Devices is focused on security, enabling trusted platforms, and providing hardware and software solutions with the security services needed to create secure end products.

We are an acknowledged leader in the design and development of secure solutions, with specialized expertise in encryption, electronic key fill devices, as well as cybersecurity. Our National Security Agency Type 1 certified products are proven to survive a variety of battlefield conditions.

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Analog Devices designs, develops, and delivers secure solutions which enable encrypted datalinks for aerospace and defense applications. Working with the U.S. government, ministries of defense, and defense primes, we have over 45 years of experience in supporting and securing the warfighter. Our capabilities include:


  • High Assurance Encryption Link
  • NSA Type 1 expertise
  • Custom ASIC or FPGA Integration
  • Suite B experience


The NSA Type 1 certified Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL®) is the leader in next-generation key loading. RASKL is a KYK-13 replacement that implements 1-button key fill to load all your secure communication equipment. RASKL supports modern key and has a user-friendly HMI that requires limited to no training. RASKL’s key benefits include:

  • Supports 40 slots for receiving and filling of modern and traditional NSA Type 1 cryptographic keys
  • Receipt and transmission of key material using DS-101/102 and RS-232 protocols
  • Interface directly with Tier 2 LMD/KPs, hard copy readers (KOI-18), Tier 3 devices (SDS, SKL, CT3, Fill UAS, KYK-13, KYX-15), ACES, and DMD workstations
  • Receives SINCGARS Hopsets, Lockouts, and TSK from Tier 2 Workstation and loads data into radios
  • Decrypts TrKEK encrypted key (i.e. black key)
  • tores audit trail, uploads audit data and provides date and time functions
  • Simple menu-driven HMI
  • Extended fill port for direct connection to ECUs
  • Left or right one-handed operation

  • Depot repairable
  • Runs on commercially-available batteries
  • Flush mounted CIK

The user-friendly, ruggedized, hand-held RASKL has all of the features you have come to expect from DTD and SDS, in a smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective configuration.

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Secure Design Capabilities

ADI offers a full suite of capabilities for custom product design and development for applications that require high-assurance protection of information.

Key capabilities include:

  • Security Requirements – Navigating today’s intersection of security requirements can be a complex undertaking given the combination of certification bodies. ADI has the experience and know-how to meet multiple security requirements in the most schedule- and cost-effective manner.
  • Certification documentation – Security certification is essential to product delivery and acceptance. These documents start from the beginning of design and have a lifecycle through final acceptance. ADI understands the governing certification processes (NSA and NIST) and has a track record of delivering the documentation needed to achieve successful product certifications.
  • Security Design – Security design is not just encryption. It is a system-wide design requirement that can incorporate architecture design, tamper resistance, protection of data in motion and at rest, trusted component selection, interface control, and many other considerations. ADI engineers define the standard in security development.
  • Product Design – Delivering a product that meets functional, environmental, manufacturing, maintainability, and cost requirements while maintaining security is challenging. Our systems engineering-driven, multidisciplinary background allows our engineers to balance requirements and design a product to meet them.
  • Encryption – ADI engineers have a long history in development of encryption techniques that support both legacy and future algorithms. We are experts in NSA Type 1 and commercial protocols.
  • Key Management – ADI engineers are recognized leaders in the development of key management CONOPS, techniques, hardware devices, software management systems, key storage, and key transmission.
  • Testing – ADI engineers have designed and tested products to meet the strictest EMI, environmental, and mechanical requirements. We are an NSA-accredited TEMPEST test facility.

Engineering Leads the Way from Concept to Delivery and Beyond

Defining and meeting requirements is what systems engineering is about. Our experience in critical defense and national security applications has built a strong foundation of systems engineering best practices into our culture. A strong systems engineering discipline enables Analog Devices to prove our encryption and security products meet the stringent requirements and certifications essential to these markets. Our CMMI accredited processes are the formal definition of those systems engineering beliefs.

Systems Engineering:

  • Defines requirements and concepts that can meet project cost and schedule goals.
  • Accelerates rapid prototype projects by ensuring that the requirements are met the first time.
  • Identification and management of technical risk leading to successful product introduction.
  • Designs test plans that ensure that products meet their requirements with sufficient confidence margin for successful deployment
  • Provides the information trail needed to show compliance to meet certification requirements.

Systems engineering is an essential part of development programs large and small.  We have experience in the full product lifecycle. We have experience in:

  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Organization (Systems Engineering Integration Team , Integrated Product Team )
  • Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) and Risk management
  • Requirements Determinations & Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Integration
  • Verification and Validation Planning and Execution
  • Testing
  • Documentation

Our Systems Engineering group works closely with our Program Management Office (PMO) to ensure project success and continuously improve our engineering processes.

Hardware Engineering

Analog Devices has been developing and manufacturing rugged Defense and Aerospace Encryption and Security electronics for over 45 years. We have designed and built systems used in every tough application from Aerospace to Tactical. Our engineers have experience in developing electronics for several of the world's largest Aerospace and Defense prime contractors as well as directly with the U.S. Government.

Analog Devices provide full life cycle hardware development services. Our Electronics, Mechanical, Quality, and Manufacturing engineers are part of the up front requirements and conceptual design process with our partners. This ensures that we meet challenging design and manufacturing constraints.

EMI/EMC is a critical design aspect for secure systems that must be considered early in the system design and development if system specifications are to be met. Our experience in information security design has lead to a strong core competency in low radiation, low susceptibility electronics design. We have an on-site EMI and NSA accredited TEMPEST testing capability to characterize and refine our designs in real-time.

Our electronics design capability includes:

  • System modeling - We have an advanced modeling capability  from circuit simulation to  electromagnetic analysis and manufacturability.
  • Analog, RF and Digital Design Expertise – We have complete signal chain solution expertise, from RF system designs for communications to data acquisition and signal conditioning expertise combined  with advanced digital  design, software and FPGA knowledge.  We are able to couple processor, memory and peripheral circuit design with FPGA firmware for complex, computationally intensive applications.
  • Schematic Capture, Layout & Manufacture - We take designs from concept all the way to full production data packages, ensuring products suitable for manufacture.

Our mechanical design capability includes:

  • Environmental Packaging - Whether it is a single board, a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), or integrated electronics suite Analog Devices  Engineers have the experience to design the electronics packaging to meet all applicable MIL STD 810F environmental requirements.  Our on-site environmental test capability allows early prototype tests to ensure product performance.
  • EMI Shielding - Our mechanical engineers work closely with the electrical designs to ensure the EMC/EMI control plans are followed and requirements are met.
  • Thermal Analysis - The packaging requirements for modern electronics can make meeting thermal requirements a challenge. Analog Devices Engineers have the experience and the tools to meet the challenge.

Software Engineering

At Analog Devices, we believe that software is not a point solution that ships with the product. Software is an integral part of the lifecycle of the product enabling it to meet and exceed its planned design goals as applications, threats, and technologies change.

Analog Devices can support a wide range of software engineering developments to ensure the optimum solution. Analog Devices engineers develop software that:

  • Provides real-time control to embedded systems in mission critical applications. Our software engineers work closely with our electrical engineers to ensure component selection that meets the design needs. We accelerate system time to market through parallel software and electronics development.
  • Implements complex algorithms for encryption and other data transformations at network speed. Our experience in embedded applications has involved meeting tight performance requirements with limited computing, memory, and I/O resources.
  • Provides multi-level assured security protection for critical data. Software engineers can no longer assume that security is someone else's problem and design for security must be embraced at every level. Our extensive Information Assurance background means that security is always in our design process.
  • Provides user interfaces and backends to complex, secure websites. As technology moves to cloud computing and other distributed systems, the ability to access, manage, and control data increases in both capability and complexity. Analog Devices Engineers have a broad range of experience in developing systems that manage and track complex data while providing an intuitive, easy to use interface in a net-centric environment.
  • Implements intuitive user interfaces for the Warfighter. Analog Devices Engineers have developed and implemented Human Machine Interface (HMI) designs ranging from small, handheld devices to complex, distributed computing systems.
  • All our software development is driven by our CMMI development process assuring requirements are met and schedule is made. We are continuously improving our software process and development tool suite to advance our capabilities.

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