RapidNet IP Protocol

RapidNET IP Network TopologyADI RapidNet IP protocol is a long range sub-GHz wireless networking solution based on wireless networking standards that addresses industrial and commercial applications where reliability, robustness, scalability, and battery life are critical. It is differentiated by long range operation with a high data throughput for large networks, especially in the down link direction where it can update thousands of end nodes with kilobytes of data in less than an hour, and also differentiated by fast response times allowing end nodes to send important alert messages with only seconds of latency.

RapidNet IP is especially suited to applications such as industrial production control where information needs to be displayed with a product as it physically moves through its production process or for displaying information on mobile Kanban bins in factories and warehouses. It is also well suited for building automation in factories, warehouses and hospitals where large numbers of end nodes need to quickly form reliable networks for applications such as electronic shelf labeling (ESL) using images or smart locks using facial scan or fingerprint biometric information. The long-range alert messaging capability lends itself well to structural health monitoring of bridges, tunnels and environmental monitoring for avalanche and landslide detection in public safety applications.

RapidNet IP is a complete point-to-multipoint wireless networking solution operating in the sub-GHz frequency range with regional support for the major worldwide markets. The wireless protocol uses a time synchronized, star-repeater network topology, enabling networks of thousands of nodes to communicate with higher data throughput over longer distances more power efficiently and extending battery life longer than any other long range wireless network technology available on the market today. The RapidNet IP wireless network protocol runs on either the ADuCM3029 or ADuCM4050 ultra low power ARM cortex-based microcontrollers and ADF7023 low power radio transceiver.

Features and Specifications

  • Efficient low power network
    • Low power IEEE802.15.4g/IEEE802.15.4e based wireless network protocol with time synchronized channel hopping (TSCH)—no collisions and no lengthy receive waits
    • Low power consumption per node with star and extended star network topology configurations
    • Reliable bi-directional communications with acknowledgements
  • Long range operation up to 500m radial coverage
  • Supported data throughput
    • Multiple data rate support (37.5 kbps to 300 kbps)
    • High throughput (4 pkts/sec at 1 kB per packet)
  • Network response times
    • Fast network join time (eg, 256 motes in 28 seconds)
    • Low latency—minimum of 5 second network loop cycle
    • Reliable scheduling of alert messages from end nodes
  • Supported frequency bands
    • 433,868,915,920 MHz
    • FCC and ARIB STD T108 regulation test feature support integrated
  • Supported operating modes:
    • Master mode (on-chip Customer application)
    • Slave mode (External Customer application microcontroller)
  • Power consumption:
    • Average network current: <13 µA average (3 updates of 1 kB packets/day case)
    • Storage mode current: <3 µA
  • Supports OTA (over-the-air) update
  • Sample software for Linux® or ADuCM4050-based hosts with various backhaul connectivity options

RapidNet IP Development Kits

Analog Devices offers various kits to develop and evaluate applications using RapidNet IP. These development kits can be purchased on the EV-COG-AD3029 page.

  1. EV-RAPID-ESL-900JZ – RapidNet IP evaluation kit with TELEC Certification specific for Japan.
  2. EV-RAPID-ESL-900Z – RapidNet IP evaluation kit for other regions (except japan).
  3. EV-RAPID-KIT-900Z – RapidNet IP evaluation kit without Eink Gear & EPD
  4. EV-RAPID-NODE-900Z – ESL End Nodes.

Purchase Development Kits

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Application Kit

The ESL Kit contains a network manager access point in USB dongle form and an ESL enabled end node. The Kit demonstrates the fast downlink capability of ADI RapidNet IP and may be used to develop and evaluate an end user application. Two versions of the kit are offered, EV-RAPID-ESL-900Z is the generic kit for worldwide use and the TELEC certified EV-RAPID-ESL-900JZ for use in Japan. Extra ESL end nodes (EV-RAPID-NODE-900Z) can be ordered to evaluate larger network configurations.

ADI RapidNet IP ESL User Guide

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Application Kit

ADI RapidNet IP Sensor Application Guide

Sensor Application Kit

The EV-RAPID-KIT-900Z kit may be used to develop sensor application with RapidNet IP. The kit contains an ultra low power 3-axis MEMS accelerometer ADXL362 and a digital temperature sensor ADT7420. It does not contain the ESL Gear board which only comes as part of the ESL application kit.

ADI RapidNet IP Sensor Application Guide

Sensor Application Kit

RapidNet IP Software Packages

Binary Installer

This software pack contains binary files, tools, and document required to run the RapidNet IP application.

Download the Binary Installer

Source Installer

This software pack contains source code to develop applications on the RapidNet IP Protocol. For this software, you will need to fill out the Software Request Form and choose “Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers” for the Targeted Hardware field as well as “RapidNet IP” for the Software Requested field. You will receive an email with a download link.

Software Request Form

Sub-GHz RapidNet IP Wireless Networking Protocol Solution

Analog Devices offers the RapidNet IP protocol which is a complete point-to-multipoint wireless networking solution operating in sub-GHz worldwide regional bands. Learn more about the RapidNet IP solution specifications and target applications in this quick-read brochure.

View the Brochure