ADSP-CM41x Mixed-Signal Control Processors

The ADSP-CM41x series of mixed-signal control processors is designed to dramatically simplify system design, improving efficiency and safety in solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle infrastructure applications. The ADSP-CM41x control processors represent a breakthrough in power controller design, with an unmatched level of hardware integration specifically tailored to solar and other emerging energy applications. By alleviating the need for numerous external components, the ADSP-CM41x not only saves considerable design time and cost, but also delivers safety improvements and the precision gains needed.

Central to the ADSP-CM41x design is its breakthrough new “Dual Independent Core” concept, which enables the integration of dual-core safety redundancy into a single chip. This saves considerable design time and system cost by eliminating the need for an external supervisory element. Equally impactful is the on-board integration of optimized hardware accelerators, designed to offload work from the processor core and boost the processing power available for core functions. In addition, some models offer on-board arc fault detection, not only simplifying design, but enhancing safety by using intelligent decision making to improve reliability and accuracy.


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Evaluation Kit

The ADSP-CM41x Evaluation Hardware will provide a complete solution for evaluating the Analog Devices ADSP-CM41x mixed-signal control processor family. The ADSP-CM41x family seamlessly integrates with other critical signal chain components, including the AD740x Sigma-Delta-based A/D converter and the ADuM413x series of isolated gate drivers featuring iCoupler® isolation technology. Other planned expansion boards include an Arc Fault Detection Sensor, Analog Input Expander, Current Sense Board, and Safety Expansion Board.

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