7B Series Accessories

I/O Cable

Model AC1394 is a 3-foot flat ribbon cable with two 25-pin female connectors, to enable direct connection of any 7B Series backplane to a data acquisition board.
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Model AC1394

The Model AC1393 optional 6-inch flat ribbon adapter cable includes a 25-pin female connector and a 26-pin male header connector. This cable converts any 7B Series backplane 25-pin I/O connector to the 26-pin cable connectors (see Model AC1315).

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 Model AC1393

Model AC1315 is a 2-foot flat ribbon cable with two 26-pin female connectors. Used with the optional AC1324 screw terminal interface board, the AC1315 cable connects the AC1324 26-pin connector to the AC1393 adapter cable, which in turn, connects directly to the I/O system connector supplied on the 7B Series backplane.
 Model AC1315
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User Manual

The optional Model AC1399 is a complete reference manual providing detailed information on setting up the 7B Series subsystem. Complete specifications and schematic diagrams are provided for each of the backplanes, as well as a listing of backplane components and their vendors, who must be contacted to secure additional parts when designers engineer a user-specific backplane. The 7B Series User Manual must be ordered as a separate item or downloaded (PDF).
 Model AC1399

Current Conversion Resistor

The Model AC1391 encapsulated, plug-on, 250 Ω, 0.1%, 1/8 watt, 10 ppm/°C resistor converts current to voltage when using the Model 7B33 input module to measure process current. The AC1391 can be mounted directly on the 7B Series backplanes. The AC1391 is not required when using Model 7B32 to measure process current. 

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Model AC1391 

Interface Board for Analog I/O

The Model AC1324 2.3-inch x 3.7-inch optional universal interface board includes a 26-pin I/O connector and 26 I/O screw terminals. The 26-pin AC1324 connector accepts the AC1315 cable directly. With the AC1393 adapter cable, it connects to a 7B Series Model 7BP04-1, 7BP08-1, or 7BP16-1 backplane, providing screw terminals for inter- connecting to controller. The AC1324 interface board can be mounted either at the back of the AC1363 rack-mount kit (standoffs are included and should be used) or in a snap track.

Please contact Customer Service to check availability for Model AC1394.
ac1324 Model 1394

Kits for User Designed Modules

The optional Model AC1397 kit contains an individual empty 7B module case and hold-down screw to enable the construction of a user-designed 7B-type module.
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Model AC1397 

Mounting Kits-Rack Mounts

The Model AC1363 optional rack-mount kit enables any Model 7BP04-1, 7BP08-1 or 7BP16-1 backplane to be fitted into a 19-inch rack, requiring a 19-inch x 3.5-inch area. Threaded inserts are provided for mounting any of the three backplanes using four screws. Mounting hardware is provided with the AC1363.
Model AC1363
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