3B Series Backplanes


To address diverse applications, the 3B Subsystem Series includes a family of backplanes which provide a complete signal conditioning solution. The three backplane models, 3B01, 3B02 and 3B03 are designed for 16, 8 and 4 channels respectively, to offer users the flexibility to match the size of a system to specific applications. All backplanes are provided with #6-32 x 1-inch screws and standoffs for mounting. Several mounting options are available, including rack, surface and NEMA enclosure. 
 Model 3B01 Backplane
Model 3B01 Backplane
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All 3B Series modules feature a universal pin out and can be easily tailored to fit the user's application. Each backplane can accommodate any 3B Series module in a "Mix and Match" arrangement. Modules are "Hot Swappable"; power does not have to be removed when inserting or removing any module on the backplane. All backplanes provide a four screw terminal for each individual channel's input field connections. These connections satisfy all transducer inputs and provide transducer excitation when necessary. A cold junction temperature sensor is also supplied on each channel to accommodate thermocouple input modules. Each channel has two screw terminals for the output connections for the 4-20 mA output signal. Two 26-pin system connectors provide high level voltage I/O for all channels.

Figure 1 illustrates the 3B Series backplane functional block diagram. In addition, complete specifications are shown in the table.

 Functional Block Diagram of Models 3B01, 3B02, and 3B03 Backplanes
Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram of Models 3B01, 3B02, and 3B03 Backplanes


  • Mix and Match 3B Series I/O Module Capability
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approved
  • CE Certified
  • ±1500 V peak Channel/Channel and Input/Output Isolation
  • Three Backplane Options: 4 -, 8 -, 16 - Channel
  • -25°C to +85°C Temperature Range
  • LEDs Indicate When Power is Applied
  • Replaceable AC Line Fuse in Protective Housing
  • Versatile Mounting Options
    Surface Mount - stand alone or using Surface Mount Kits; Models AC1331, AC1332, AC1333
    19-inch Rack Mount Kit - Model AC1330 
 Model 3B02 Backplane
Model 3B02 Backplane
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Model 3B03 Backplane
Model 3B03 Backplane
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3B Series Backplane Specifications

Description  3B01   3B02 3B03 
Channels 16 8 4
Input-to-Output, Continuous
 1500 V rms, maximum  * *
Channel-to-Channel, Continuous
 1500 V rms, maximum * *
Mechanical Dimensions-with modules
17.4" x 5.2" x 4.373"
(441.96 mm x
132.08 mm x 111.07 mm)
11.0" x 5.2" x 4.373"
(279.4 mm x
132.08 mm x 111.07 mm)
7.8" x 5.2" x 4.373"
(198.12 mm x
132.08 mm x 111.07 mm)
Mounting Standoffs
7 5 4
Cold Junction Temperature Sensors
Number provided on backplane
16 8 4
Initial Accuracy @ +25°C
* *
Accuracy, +5°C to +45°C
±0.5°C (±0.0125°C/°C)
* *
System I/O Connector
 2, 26 pin * *
Type Amp 746290-6
 *  *
Power Supply Options 
Voltage: AC Power Supply1
115 V AC
* *
 Voltage: DC Power Supply2 +24 V DC
* *
Voltage: External Supplies3
±15 V DC and +24 V DC
* *
 Fuse: AC Power Supply 220 V AC @ 500 mA
* *
Power Indicator
LEDs indicate ±15 V DC
and +24 V DC Power Applied
* *
Temperature Range

Rated Performance
-25°C to +85°C
* *
-25°C to +85°C
* *
-40°C to +85°C * *
Relative Humidity 0 to 95%
@ +60°C noncondensing
* *

* Specifications same as model 3B01.
1 Optional AC/DC Power Supplies, Models AC1300, AC1301 and AC1307, are described in power supply section.
2 Optional DC/DC Converter, Model AC1302(Obsolete), is described in the power supply section.
3 External power may be connected to the P3 DC Power Connector. +24 V DC is only needed when current output is used.

Specifications subject to change without notice.