Isolated RS-232

Isolated RS-232 is a serial communication standard defined by TIA/EIA-232-F that conveys data over a simple unterminated, multiconductor cable. Although the original specification was intended for modems, subsequent RS-232 transceivers support general-purpose serial interfaces at data rates up to 1 Mbps. Analog Devices offers a wide range of isolated iCoupler® and μ‎Module® RS-232 transceivers that remove ground loops by isolating the logic-level interface and line transceiver, protect against voltage spikes and common-mode transient events so data remains intact, and provide options for integrated dc-to-dc power converters. iCoupler digital isolation technology solutions minimize PCB real estate and enable the power isolation and signal isolation required for system reliability in a noisy environment. μ‎Module RS-232 transceivers offer isolated RS-232 solutions with no external components and up to 1 W of additional power.
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