Single/Dual/Triple/Quad ATM/Packet PHYs for DS3/E3/STS-1

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Part Details
  • Single (DS3161), Dual (DS3162), Triple (DS3163), or Quad (DS3164) ATM/Packet PHYs for DS3, E3, and Clear-Channel 52Mbps (CC52)
  • Pin Compatible for Ease of Port Density Migration in the Same PC Board Platform
  • Each Port Independently Configurable
  • Universal PHYs Map ATM Cells and/or HDLC Packets into DS3 or E3 Data Streams
  • UTOPIA L2/L3 or POS-PHY™ L2/L3 or SPI-3 Interface with 8-, 16-, or 32-Bit Bus Width
  • 66MHz UTOPIA L3 and POS-PHY L3 Clock
  • 52MHz UTOPIA L2 and POS-PHY L2 Clock
  • Ports Independently Configurable for Cell or Packet Traffic in POS-PHY Bus Modes
  • Direct, PLCP, DSS, and Clear-Channel Cell Mapping
  • Direct and Clear-Channel Packet Mapping
  • On-Chip DS3 (M23 or C-Bit) and E3 (G.751 or G.832) Framer(s)
  • Ports Independently Configurable for DS3, E3 (Full or Subrate) or Arbitrary Framing Protocols Up to 52Mbps
  • Programmable (Externally Controlled or Internally Finite State Machine Controlled) Subrate DS3/E3
Additional Details
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The DS3161, DS3162, DS3163, and DS3164 (DS316x) integrate ATM cell/HDLC packet processor(s) with DS3/E3 framer(s) to map/demap ATM cells or packets into as many as four DS3/E3 digital lines with DS3-framed, E3-framed, or clear- channel data streams on per-port basis.


  • Access Concentrators
  • ATM and Frame Relay Equipment
  • Digital Cross-Connects
  • Integrated Access Device (IAD)
  • Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP)
  • Multiservice Protocol Platform (MSPP)
  • PBXs
  • PDH Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • Routers/Switches
  • SONET/SDH Muxes
  • Test Equipment

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