Self-Contained Smart Card Reader with PINpad and Power Management

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The 12xx Family of Smart Card Reader SoCs are the Ideal Choice for Integrating ISO 7816-Compliant Interfaces in Designs

Part Details
  • Turnkey Solution
    • Available with Pseudo CCID Software Stack:
      • Suitable for ISO 7816 and EMV Smart Cards
      • Single or Multiple Card Slots
      • Drivers for Windows XP®, CE, Mobile, Linux, and More
  • Higher Performance CPU Core
    • 80515 CPU Core
    • One Clock Cycle/Instruction
    • Up to 24MIPS Available
  • Large On-Chip Memory and Powerful In-Circuit Emulation
    • On-Chip 2KB XRAM, 256IRAM, and Dedicated FIFO to ISO 7816
    • True On-Chip 32KB Flash (Program Memory, Segmented with 512B Pages)
    • 3-Wire JTAG-Like Interface for In-Circuit Emulation and Flash Programming
    • On-Chip Security Fuses Can Permanently Disable the JTAG-Like Interface and Lock the Flash for Final Products
  • Single and Multiple Card Slots
    • One Built-In Electrical Interface
    • Suitable for All ISO 7816 and Derivative Standards (Including EMV 4.1, GSM11-11, etc.)
    • Possibility to Extend the Number of Smart Card Slots Through external 73S8010R/C ICs
Additional Details
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The 73S1210F is a versatile and economical CMOS system-on-chip (SoC) device intended for smart card reader applications. The circuit is built around an 80515 high-performance core; it features primarily an ISO 7816/EMV interface and a generic asynchronous serial interface. Delivered with turnkey Teridian embedded firmware, it forms a ready-to-use smart card reader solution that can be seamlessly incorporated into any microprocessor-based system where a serial line is available.

The solution is scalable, thanks to a built-in I²C interface that allows to drive external electrical smart card interfaces such as Teridian 73S8010 ICs. This makes the solution immediately able to support multi-card slots or multi-SAM architectures.

In addition, the 73S1210 features a 5x6 PINpad interface, eight user I/Os, multiple interrupt options, and an analog voltage input (for DC voltage monitoring such as battery-level detection) that make it suitable for low-cost PINpad reader devices.


  • Digital Identification (Secure Login, Government ID)
  • Payphones
  • PINpad Smart Card Readers with Serial Connectivity
  • POS Terminals
  • SIM Readers in Personal Wireless Devices
  • Vending Machines

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1


TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board



TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board

TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board

Features and Benefits

  • Model TFP2 Flash Programmer
  • 5V DC/1000mA Universal Wall Transformer with 2.5mm Plug
  • Serial Cable, DB9, Male/Female, Straight Cable, 2m Length
  • ATE Cable Housing and Crimp Pins
  • Target-LS Cable Housing and Crimp Pins
  • CHKSUM.EXE Utility Diskette
  • Model TFP2 User Manual
  • TFP2 Quick Start Guide

Product Detail

The TSC flash programmer model TFP2 provides a stand-alone flash memory programming tool for Teridian's embedded controllers. The TFP2 facilitates flash programming in a manufacturing production environment requiring minimum ancillary equipment. Once the TFP2 has been initialized with the target's program code, the target's flash memory can be programmed either manually through operator pushbutton, or controlled by a factory automation computer (ATE).


  • Audio/Video
  • Conditional Access and Payment Slots in Digital STB, PVR and Integrated DTVs
  • Payphones
  • POS Terminals
  • SIM Readers in Wireless Devices (WiMAX, GSM, GPRS)
  • Vending and Ticketing Machines

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