Embedded Security and 1-Wire

Embedded systems need protection from malicious attacks. Add tamper detection to your system to protect sensitive data and encryption keys. Or safeguard your IP and R&D investment from cloning and unauthorized use. With Analog Devices’ embedded security solutions, you can easily secure your entire system.

Security manager products work with your microcontroller to protect information. Secure authenticator ICs provide HW-based turnkey solutions for IP protection, credentials storage, IoT node root of trust, and secure communications. Our secure microcontrollers have built-in FIPS-certified hardware cryptographic engines that support industry-standard algorithms.

You Can’t Steal a Key that Isn’t There

ChipDNA provides unprecedented protection against cyberattacks by deriving a cryptographic key from a precise analog characteristic of the IC. This key is based on a physically unclonable function and is not stored in memory or any other static state where it could be compromised.

Ensure the utmost security with ChipDNA

Embedded Security