Isolated RS-485

RS-485 is a multipoint communication network defined by the TIA-485-A/EIA-485-A standard that specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus, with modern transceivers improved to allow 256 nodes on the same bus. The differential signaling scheme and wide common-mode tolerance provide excellent noise immunity for high speed communication over long distances and in harsh environments. Analog Devices’ RS-485/RS-422 compliant transceivers support industrial fieldbus, Modbus and PROFIBUS®, process control networks (PLC), building automation (HVAC), and motor control servo drives and encoder applications. Connect with half- or full-duplex models and options that include extended temperature, ultralow skew, enhanced drive strength, full fail-safe and hot swap support, low voltage logic interfaces, integrated termination, and extensive EMC protection against IEC surge, EFT, ESD, and overvoltage faults for the design of RS-485 communication links.
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Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information

The iCoupler family of digital isolation products have been tested and approved by various regulatory agencies, including UL, CSA, VDE, TÜV, CQC, ATEX and IECEx. This table summarizes the achieved ratings for each product and includes links to copies of the actual safety certificates.

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EMC Resources

Whether as a component or as part of a larger system level solution, EMC compliance must be met, and the best EMC design practices occur at the start of the design. Be prepared for the certification process and get ahead of the game with our selection of resources.

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