A/D Converters (ADC)

Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) translate analog electrical signals for data processing purposes. With products matching performance, power, cost, and size needs, Analog Devices offers the industry’s largest A/D converter portfolio. As the world’s leading provider, these data converters enable accurate and reliable conversion performance in a range of applications such as communications, energy, healthcare, instrumentation and measurement, motor and power control, industrial automation, and aerospace/defense. A variety of A/D converter resources are provided to assist the engineer in every project phase, from product selection to circuit design.
Precision and General Purpose ADC Finder
Resolution (Bits) ADC Throughput Rate (SPS)
<1K 1 - 100k 100 - 250k 250 - 500k 500k - 1M 1M - 20M
21 - 32
17 - 20
14 - 16
8 - 13
High-Speed ADC Finder
Resolution (Bits) ADC Throughput Rate (SPS)
10 - 50M 50 - 100M 100 - 250M 250M - 1G >1G
14 - 15
12 - 13

High Speed Converter Innovations on 28 nm CMOS

Introducing the first of a new line of RF converters designed for GHz bandwidth applications such as 4G/5G multiband wireless communications base stations, multi-standard production test systems, and defense electronics. Based on 28 nm CMOS technology, these ADCs and DACs provide best-in-class bandwidth, power and dynamic range to cover the largest number of signal bands.

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High Speed Converter Innovations on 28 nm CMOS

Low-Complexity High-Voltage Switching

A switch or multiplexer that can operate beyond the rails can save costs and simplify the design of products that switch relatively high-voltage analog and digital signals by eliminating the need for high-voltage positive and negative power rails.

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ADGS1412 Chip