Supported Measurements

  • Weight

This product’s full list of compatible measurement types; utilize our MeasureWare designer tool to configure your own specific use case. (Not all measurements can be enabled in parallel.)

MeasureWare Universal Weight Analog Sensor Daughter Board

MeasureWare’s Compression Load Cell/Weight daughter board, EV-MWW90DBZ, connects high precision compression load cells/weight cells available on MeasureWare to either a Pro or Swift Kit. The daughter board can be selected as one of the options in the MeasureWare Designer when a user selects weight as the measurement type. The EV-MWW90DBZ is connected to an analog connector on the Pro or Swift Kit.

Key Features

  • Daughter board for 4-wire load cell
  • Plug-and-play connection to MeasureWare Swift and Pro Kits
  • Compliant with MeasureWare Designer & MeasureWare Lab


MeasureWare Software Studio

Package Contents

  • 1 EV-MWW90DBZ