Supported Measurements

  • Temperature

This product’s full list of compatible measurement types; utilize our MeasureWare designer tool to configure your own specific use case. (Not all measurements can be enabled in parallel.)

MeasureWare, Universal RTD, 3-Wire, Analog Temperature Sensor Daughter Board

MeasureWare’s EV-MWT90DBZ 3-Wire Universal RTD daughter board connects high precision RTD probes available on MeasureWare to either a Pro or Swift Kit. The 3-wire RTD daughter board can be selected as one of the options in the MeasureWare Designer when a user selects temperature as the measurement type. The EV-MWT90DBZ is connected to an analog connector on the Pro or Swift Kit.

Key Features

  • Daughter board for 3-wire Universal RTD sensors
  • Plug-and-play connection to MeasureWare Pro Kit
  • Compliant with MeasureWare Designer & MeasureWare Lab


MeasureWare Software Studio

Package Contents

  • 1 EV-MWT90DBZ

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