MeasureWare Starter Kit

MeasureWare EV-ADMW1001-KITZ is a quick-start, “out-of-the-box” precision temperature measurement kit. Simply plug and play to begin capturing precision measurements in minutes. The kit includes all the necessary components to get up and running fast, except for the ST Nucleo Micro Controller which must be purchased separately.

To begin capturing measurements out of the box click here to download a fully configured 3 Wire RTD reference design for users to access their measurement data. The starter kit also contains the EV-MWUBRK01DBZ for development with custom sensors giving users access to the Universal and Thermocouple channels on the ADMW1001.

Key Features

  • Provides faster access to precise temperature measurement
  • Out of the box measurement with fully configured 3 Wire RTD sample reference design

MeasureWare Software Studio

Package Contents

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