Supported Measurements

  • Temperature

This product’s full list of compatible measurement types; utilize our MeasureWare designer tool to configure your own specific use case. (Not all measurements can be enabled in parallel.)

TE Connectivity's 100 Series General Purpose 3-Wire RTD Probe

TE Connectivity’s 100 Series General Purpose 3-Wire RTD Probe can be measured directly on either the Swift or Pro Kit by connecting the EV-MWT90DBZ Universal 3-Wire RTD daughter board. The sensor can be selected as one of the options in the MeasureWare Designer when a user selects temperature as the measurement type.

20009209-00 is a DIN Class A platinum RTD probe with 0.15°C error at 0°C. The probe has a temperature coefficient of 0.00385 and a temperature range of -50°C to 250°C.

The 100 Series is available to order in alternative wire configurations, accuracy classes, temperature ranges, and temperature coefficients from TE.

The ADMW1001 can easily be reconfigured to interface with all PT100 and PT1000 100 series RTD’s from TE.

Key Features

  • Sensor type: general purpose probe
  • Sensor package: stainless steel
  • Element material: copper, nickel, platinum
  • Lead wire style: PTFE
  • Maximum temperature: 250°C [ 482°F ]
  • DIN Class A accuracy

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