Measurement Hardware from Prototype to Production

We recommend our MeasureWare Designer Software to help you choose the right solution for you, including measurement modules, kits, and paired sensors. The MeasureWare Designer also allows you to create a design file which tunes the solution to your specific application.

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Environmental Monitoring Solutions (MeasureWare 1001 family)

Currently supported sensors:



ADMW1001 Swift Platform

Coming Soon. Inquire for more details.

  • Hand-held Battery Powered Precision Measurement Platform
  • Plug-and-play with MeasureWare-supported sensor boards and MeasureWare Lab Software Environment
  • USB connectivity ideal for in lab research
  • Mobile App & Commission: BLE v5.0
  • On-board memory for data storage
  • Rechargeable battery
MeasureWare from Analog Devices

ADMW1001 Pro Platform

  • Designed for custom prototype development
  • Plug-and-play with MeasureWare-supported sensor boards and embedded firmware environment
  • Flexibility to expand and refine functionality
  • Features MeasureWare measurement platform, power management, analog protection
  • Arduino headers supporting multi-host connectivity: USB/BLE v5.0
MeasureWare from Analog Devices

ADMW1001 Measurement Module

  • Fully verified & tested measurement solutions for embedded applications
  • Highly flexible, multi-channel, precision monitoring
  • Connect to a range of both analog and digital sensors
  • Includes the integrated intelligence required to excite, measure, and correct condition monitoring sensors

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