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Safe, sustainable and immersive mobility.

electronica 2022

Discover the future of automotive technology. From audio, voice, Ethernet, and display solutions for the in-cabin environment to battery solutions for electric vehicles, a human-centric approach to innovation will deliver more immersive experiences for occupants and a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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ADI Automotive LED Lighting Solutions

ADI Automotive LED Lighting solutions for IR LED Driver Monitoring Solutions and Animated Exterior Lighting.

ADI LISTN™—Hear What Matters

Explore this high performance microphone audio signal processing solution that is combined with an A2B®-ported FM-tuner to demonstrate A2B versatility. The demo shows how signals of a central A2B-connected 3-microphone-array are processed on a SHARC® DSP where beamforming separates voice signals from left and right so effectively that concurrent operation of two independent voice assistants is possible.

Multiturn Position Sensing

The steer-by-wire demonstrator showcases the new ADMT4000, the first integrated, true power-on multiturn position sensor in an electrical power steering (EPS) steer-by-wire application. The sensor solution enables steering system providers to reduce the size, weight, and cost of steering actuators and remove the need to continuously power the steering system during key-off.

12.3" Mini LED Local Dimming Display

Discover how a 12.3" local dimming display—with 1536 Mini LEDs using the matrix LED Driver MAX25500/1 with comprehensive diagnostics—can improve the contrast, save up to 50% power, and achieve functional safety panel, especially important for EVs and large panel displays.

High Resolution 4× Camera GMSL2 Demo with NVIDIA® SoC

Analog Devices´ Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link(GMSL)-based SerDes solutions enable automotive OEMs to deploy a wide array of high resolution camera, radar, and LIDAR sensors in tomorrow´s software-defined vehicles. These solutions are deployed today in autonomous drive Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 platforms. The demo showcases four 8MP cameras tethered to a GMSL2 quad deserializer with coax links. The independent high bandwidth camera streams are aggregated and displayed on a 4K display. GMSL2 based solutions can support camera resolutions from 1MP to 8MP. The demo also showcases ADI’s automotive grade secure authenticator solutions ensuring that only genuine, OEM-approved high quality sensors are used with the safety systems.

Exterior Lighting

Animated lighting adds style and personalization to new cars. The dazzling effects are complex and requires an increasing number of LEDs to be individually controlled. ADI’s 4 × 24 automotive LED matrix driver, the MAX25630, controls the highest number of LEDs in the market with a single device, capable of driving up to 96 LEDs. Come to our booth and see how our innovative lighting solution powers the next generation of automotive lighting animations.

Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS)

Discover ADI’s wireless battery management system (wBMS), a purpose-built solution that is tailored for high reliability and the low latency requirements of automotive battery management systems. The wBMS network provides robust connectivity for the supervision of battery cells and control of the balancing current in electric vehicles or other large energy storage systems.

EV Traction Inverter

This demo showcases the collaboration between Silicon Mobility (control chip and software), Wolfspeed (SiC power module), and ADI. Discover how ADI’s isolation and power solutions can unlock the full potential of SiC power switch for more robust and more efficient systems. This is enabling extra range and lower EV cost resulting in accelerated EV adoption.

Engineer a Sustainable Future with Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage systems are essential to stabilize the grid with increased on-boarding of renewable generation, as annual deployment is forecast to increase 6-fold by 2030. This demo is a complete battery management system (BMS) for Li-Ion battery energy storage that highlights ADI’s highest accuracy BMS, robust isolated communications, as well as MCU hardware and software. It includes multiple interfaces (isoSPI, SPI, I2C, CAN, USB-C) and allows for a stackable cell monitor architecture.

DMS/IR-Driver for Driver and Occupant Monitoring (DMS/OMS)

An accurate driver monitoring system (DMS) solution requires proper illumination driven by the IR driver. Discover this interactive joint demo from the leading DMS supplier, Seeing Machines, and ADI and experience the strength of Seeing Machines’ algorithm and the power of ADI’s hardware solutions. See how innovative software algorithm and hardware architectures can be merged into a small form factor.

ADI E2B™ - Simplifying 10BASE-T1S Ethernet to the Edge Connectivity

This demo showcases ADI’s E2B technology that enables 10BASE-T1S Ethernet connectivity to the edge sensor and actuator nodes without the need for a microcontroller in the edge nodes. You’ll also see how zonal architecture with Ethernet connectivity to edge nodes—implemented in all hardware with centralized software—clearly enables software-defined vehicles. While this demo is focused on automotive, the technology is also relevant for industrial applications.

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Graphic image shows a female technology worker in a factory setting reviewing technical data on tablet device.

Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Demos

Industrial technology is rapidly digitizing, combining sensing, connectivity, and data into insights to enable a new level of efficient, sustainable, and personalized manufacturing. Demonstrations featuring condition-based monitoring, advanced motion control, seamless edge-to-cloud connectivity, and efficient power management are only a sample of the ways Analog Devices’ technologies are building a more sustainable industrial future.

Graphic image shows a female nurse reviewing medical data on a tablet and on a large screen TV panel.

Healthcare Demos

See how we are working with our customers to transform the future of healthcare into one that is digitized and decentralized, making care more accessible and affordable for all. Demonstrations showing clinical-grade wearables, in-bed vital monitoring, and fitness-based power meters are just a small showcase of the many ways Analog Devices' technologies are positively impacting people’s everyday lives.

Graphic image shows a woman with a Virtuality Reality Headset over her eyes. She is reviewing an image of a picturesque landscape, shown on the lens.

Consumer, Communications and Other Demos

Discover how we are supporting our customers to develop ground-breaking consumer devices that help redefine the way people work, live, and engage. Our consumer wall showcases a selection of market-leading products breaking the boundaries of what’s possible and delighting customers beyond expectation.