Apollo MxFE

Introducing Apollo MxFE: Scalable Software-Defined Radio Solution Offers Direct RF Sampling to 18 GHz (Ku Band)

Apollo MxFE is a new wideband mixed-signal front end platform offering instantaneous bandwidths as high as 10 GHz per channel while directly sampling and synthesizing frequencies up to 18 GHz (Ku Band). This monolithic 16 nm CMOS device utilizes state-of-the-art high dynamic range ADC and DAC cores with the best spurious free dynamic range and noise spectral density available on the market today.

Apollo MxFE is available as a 4-channel transmit and receive (4T4R) with an ADC/DAC sample rate of 20 GSPS/28 GSPS or an 8-channel transmit and receive (8T8R) with an ADC/DAC sample rate of 8 GSPS/16 GSPS respectively. FPGA compute can be offloaded to the Apollo MxFE on-chip digital signal processing (DSP) saving size, weight, power, and cost. The DSP is all dynamically reconfigurable without requiring recalibration, offering a highly flexible platform to enable breakthrough innovations in aerospace and defense, instrumentation, and communications.

To learn more, check out our press release and the AD9084/AD9088 product pages.

ADI's mixed-signal front end (MxFE) family offers a highly integrated device with four 16-bit, 12 GSPS RF digital-to-analog converter (DAC) cores, and either two 12-bit 6 GSPS or four 12-bit, 4 GSPS, RF analog-to-digital converter (ADC) cores.

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Illustration of AD9084 chip carrier.


MxFE Quad, 16-Bit, 28 GSPS RF DAC and Quad, 12-Bit, 20 GSPS RF ADC

Illustration of AD9088 chip carrier.


MxFE Octal, 16-Bit, 16 GSPS RF DAC and Octal, 12-Bit, 8 GSPS RF ADC

Illustration of AD9084 functional block diagram.
Illustration of AD9088 functional block diagram.

High-Speed Signal Processing Brochure

Unlocking more of the frequency spectrum also unlocks next-gen system capabilities and features—and, in a progressively congested frequency spectrum, is a necessary next step to ensure system designers can continue to meet growing bandwidth demands. Discover fully integrated MxFE devices with DSP and other next-gen solutions in the High-Speed Signal Processing brochure.

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IMS: First Eyes on ADI’s New Wideband MxFE Platform

ADI’s latest wideband MxFE platform provides direct RF sampling with applications in phased array RADAR, communications infrastructure, electronic warfare, and instrumentation. Join ADI’s MicroApps session at 11:00 AM Tuesday for a first look, and be sure to check our full IMS schedule for other exciting presentations and demos.

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