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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is committed to building solutions that allow power electronics system designers to bring safe and reliable innovation to diverse markets, including industrial, communications, automotive, healthcare, data center, aerospace and defense, and more. ADI’s power semiconductors provide a foundation to help designers meet lower energy consumption objectives and reduce the collective impact of next-generation system innovation.

Your Power Advantage with ADI

ADI’s innovations in power semiconductors deliver improved power efficiency and density, supporting the development of sustainable, next-generation technology. From precision instrumentation to smart digital factories, and artificial intelligence at the edge, ADI’s intelligent power management solutions minimize energy losses and noise, boosting overall system accuracy, bandwidth, and computing capacity.

Our leading design and simulation tools, including LTspice®, speed up the selection and optimization of power systems design. Reference designs, evaluation platforms and µModules® enable rapid adoption of proven power solutions.

The four advantages of ADI intelligent power management solutions are lower noise, greater efficiency, higher power density and intelligent systems management
Intelligent Power Management

Complete Portfolio of High-Performance Power Products

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Power Protection & Monitoring

Power Solutions for Every Industry

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Aerospace and Defense

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Consumer Technology Solutions

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Data Center

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Instrumentation and measurement

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Intelligent Buildings