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ADI, with its excellent system level signal processing experience and products of diverse variety, offers In Vitro Chemistry Analyzer solution for the developers. ADI solutions provide a series of products in related applications, such as optical products, analog front end, amplifiers for I/V conversion, filter design, signal conditioning, and ADC drivers, as well as providing data conversion, signal processing, sensors, interfaces and power management solutions to maximize product quality and reliability for the biochemistry analyzer application. In addition, ADI provides evaluation boards, simulation tools, application documentations and expertise to support customer design and development efforts.

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  • High performance, high reliability optical products with analog front end, and system on chip products
  • High performance, high reliability amplifier and data converter for both high precision and high speed measurement
  • High performance, high reliability power management, such as power module, switch regulator, LDO and supervisory
  • Signal processor, isolation interface, temperature measurement and control

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