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Due to the impressive battery performance and power characteristics of lithium-ion batteries in hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles, the automotive industry is applying lithium-ion batteries as the general go-to solution for new energy vehicles. For plug-in hybrid electric or electric vehicles, which usually require battery units of several hundred volts, lithium-ion batteries are indeed the ideal choice. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is a world-leading supplier in signal processing and high capability simulation technology known for excellent quality and reliability, as well as positive, cooperative relationships with the world's leading automotive electronics manufacturers. This ideal background and our deep technological strength and system knowledge allows us to provide optimized solutions to satisfy challenging BMS requirements.

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  • The latest 4th-generation lithium-ion battery monitor IC product—— LTC6811
  • iCoupler® digital isolator is able to realize the lowest power consumption for high speed data systems.
  • The isoPower® portfolio provides isolated power and multichannel digital isolation functions
  • provide multiple combined solutions

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