Engineer monitoring data from an industrial robot
Engineer monitoring data from an industrial robot

ADI at SPS 2021 ADI at SPS 2021

23-25 November
Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 5, Booth 129

We are leading the digital transformation in smart manufacturing – Visit ADI at SPS

Discover Analog Devices’ cutting-edge technologies and platforms, learn how our products and solutions can enhance and accelerate your digital transformation. Our industry-leading sensing and connectivity solutions are driving the transformation to Digital Industry delivering increased productivity and enhanced efficiency for more sustainable manufacturing. Visit us at booth 5-129, talk with our expert team and gain exclusive insights into how ADI’s market-leading technologies are enabling the transition to smart manufacturing.

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10BASE-T1L Complete Solutions for Process Automation

Access new data streams, additional process variables, and auxiliary measurements with 10BASE-T1L connectivity from ADI. Featuring the ADIN1100 physical layer devices and the ADIN1100 MAC PHY, see how long reach, robust single-pair Ethernet, is proving a game changer on the road to realizing the Industry 4.0 vision of seamless connectivity. Enabling optimized system power budgets for Field Instrument designs and flexible architectures for Field Switch’s, ADI is extending connectivity to hazardous locations and remote corners of process plants.

AMR based High Performance Encoder Technology

This demo shows ADI's latest technology in magnetic position sensing. In most systems this technology can easily replace a standard high performance optical encoder, allowing a more robust design and easier manufacturing process. Due to the technology’s design scalability, ADI delivers a better total cost of ownership, allowing larger assembly tolerances while delivering best in class encoder performance in the end applications.

Galileo: Wired Condition Monitoring over 10BaseT1L

Galileo Condition Monitoring platform showcases a new vibration monitoring solution from Analog Devices with 10BASE-T1L single pair Ethernet connectivity enabling access to asset health and powering the sensors over two wires for distances up to 1km.

The ADXL359 MEMS vibration sensor provides a low power, low noise multi-axis sensing solution and ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY provides single pair Ethernet connectivity to a low power processor via a simple SPI interface, removing the need for the processor to have an integrated MAC providing more flexibility on the choice of processor for edge processing.

ADXL359 and ADIN1110 combined will enable new condition monitoring sensors for vibration sensing that are lower power, smaller form factor, remotely powered and can be deployed in remote, harsh industrial applications.

High performance perception sensing using 3D-ToF

This demo will showcase ADI’s design structure and capability in ToF Depth sensing that enable and enhance performance for ToF systems and cameras. ADI have developed a new ToF CMOS imaging solution (1 Megapixel), that is enabling a better system solution for a broad range of end imaging applications.

The internal, or global partner network expertise, are offering design service using ADIs sensor solutions, processing, laser drivers, power management, and high- class development tools (software/firmware), that all in all sets a new and faster standard for time-to-revenue.

Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Electric Motors

ADI will demonstrate its OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor, a comprehensive hardware and software solution, that enables predictive maintenance of electric motors by providing detailed tracking of motor health characteristics. Regular tasks required for reliable operation of industrial electric motors – such as bearing replacement – can be carried out on a planned basis rather than waiting for failure. These capabilities enable operators to forecast and schedule corrective maintenance to minimize disruption in production processes, increase machinery productivity, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and extend asset lifecycles.

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