Analog Devices has built a reputation as a technology innovator with a steadfast commitment to precisely measuring tough-to-acquire signals in challenging environments—from detecting the slightest anomaly in a patient’s heartbeat to diagnosing jet engine failure, from miniscule vibration to helping form and test the latest battery technology. ADI’s unique holistic approach to precision measurement helps transform these signals into intelligent data and insights that industry leaders need to bring forward-thinking technologies to life.

Precision Expertise Brought to Life

Machine Health Sensing

Machine Health Learning, Built with Precision

Early detection and real-time machine and systems diagnostics help enhance safety and extend the useful life of the equipment. Explore how we leverage condition-based monitoring to bring insight to jet engines and the airline industry.

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Battery Formation and Test

Precision Test at Scale

Electric vehicle (EV) use is growing exponentially. Read why battery quality and production efficiency are key to manufacturers and instrumentation providers capitalizing on this disruptive opportunity.

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Precision CT Scanning Technology

Life-Saving Precision Measurement

ADI is at the forefront of improving patient outcomes by advancing CT scanning and maximizing image quality while reducing the need for multiple scans, radiation doses, power consumption, and cost.

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Precision Measurement Made Simple

MeasureWare helps you prototype quickly and get to market fast, with the flexibility to customize and rapidly iterate designs through software, then scale seamlessly to commercial solutions that generate trustworthy, precision measurements.

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Precision Sensor Interface Solutions

High performance signal conditioning is critical to the performance of any technology that interacts with the physical world. Because each sensor type comes with its own challenges, Analog Devices has a variety of tools, reference designs, and signal chains organized by measurement type to give you a head start on your next design.

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Precision Sensor Interface Solutions'

Solutions to Your Precision Design Challenges


Making Sense of Sounds, or How Analog Devices’ AI Can Boost Your Machine Uptime

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Improving Precision Data Acquisition Signal Chain Density

Improving Precision Data Acquisition Signal Chain Density Using SiP Technology

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Functional Safety

Functional Safety in a Data Acquisition System

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From Now to Next: Accelerating the Path to Industry 4.0

From Now to Next: Accelerating the Path to Industry 4.0

Kevin Carlin, VP of Industrial Automation & Energy at Analog Devices Inc., discusses how to extract more insights from operations and increase productivity. Learn how ADI is enabling the industry to transition from legacy infrastructure to this new digital world.

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Sebastien Christian

Making Sense of Signals

Sebastien Christian’s passion for a human being’s use of senses to relate to the world helped him create OtoSense, a “machine hearing” platform that’s revolutionizing machine learning.

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Driving SAR ADCs Video Series

Driving SAR ADCs Video Series

Join applications engineer Anne Mahaffey for this 4-part video series on SAR (Successive Approximation Register) ADCs. Review formulas for SAR ADC kickback amplitude and time constant, design an RC filter, and much more.

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