Partnership that fuels Factory 4.0

Phoenix Contact and Analog Devices are pushing performance levels in smaller form factors.

Innovation in industry

The Industrial Revolution is far from over. And as manufacturers begin to use cyber-physical systems to control industrial robotics remotely, we find ourselves entering the era of Factory 4.0.

Interoperability. Information transparency. Decentralized decision-making. These are the hallmarks of the smart factory, where machines, devices, sensors and people are increasingly interconnected—and machine learning algorithms are automating more and more of the manufacturing process.

But this new phase of industrialization is not without its challenges. To capitalize on new opportunities, manufacturers must effectively address the safety and reliability concerns that arise as the factory environment continues to evolve.

Phoenix Contact and Analog Devices make it possible.

At the forefront of Factory 4.0

Since 1923, Phoenix Contact has been a global leader in electrical engineering and automation. Today, signs of Factory 4.0 can be found up and down the company’s own production lines, where manufacturing, machine building and intelligent automation are already converging.

From mechatronic systems that communicate across companies to assistance systems that simplify decision-making to pluggable installation systems that reduce cost, Phoenix Contact is bringing Factory 4.0 to life.

And as manufacturers continue to reduce the size of input/output (I/O) systems to allow for greater flexibility and autonomy, Phoenix Contact will be ready with innovative solutions that allow them to improve isolation and safely transmit power and data.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Analog Devices.

Success through symbiosis

For more than 10 years, Analog Devices and Phoenix Contact have built a legacy of innovation through a shared long-term commitment to enabling Factory 4.0.

An early adopter of digital isolators with iCoupler® technology, Phoenix Contact has relied on Analog Devices products to overcome size restriction challenges and significantly enhance stability. In the process, Analog Devices has seized the opportunity to expand its research, refine its solutions and push the envelope even further.

As Phoenix Contact’s I/O designs continue to shrink in size and grow in complexity, Analog Devices continues to reduce design cycles and deliver critical support across the entire signal chain.

High-voltage problem solving

Digital isolators with iCoupler® technology enable Phoenix Contact to reduce design size and power consumption while maintaining safety requirements for the integrated products that are fueling Factory 4.0.

They are also allowing the company to produce I/O systems that achieve unprecedented levels of performance—up to 600Mbps—in the smallest form factor, giving designers greater control and access to a new generation of high-speed data buses.

This makes it possible for manufacturers to better protect operators and machines in harsh environments against high-voltage transients—and maximize productivity.

Pushing production ahead of what’s possible

As the industrial world grows more digital, automated and connected, Analog Devices and Phoenix Contact will help manufacturers conquer new challenges and seize new opportunities.

Safety will remain of paramount importance—and digital isolation will become an absolute necessity.

Digital isolators with iCoupler® technology and partnerships like the one Analog Devices has developed with Phoenix Contact will continue to play a critical role in evolving the technology that makes it possible.

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