We are at the heart of the digital transformation of automotive, industrial and healthcare applications, and we brought it all to PTC LiveWorx 2019. In case you missed it, you can see each of our demos here and learn how we’re helping our customers transform industries for the better.

See the latest technologies showcased by Analog Devices at LiveWorx 2019!

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Accelerating Industry 4.0 with TSN and Security

ADI is providing solutions that enable security at the edge of the network that can improve a field device’s security posture to meet security standards. This capability is integrated with a real-time Ethernet multi-protocol switch with TSN features.

Dynamic Utilization and Operation of Commercial Real Estate Enabled by Intelligent Vision Sensor

Our Eagle Eye intelligent vision system detects, tracks, and characterizes human activity in a building environment.

Autonomous Transportation and Monitoring Enabled by Precision MEMS

Discover how ADI combines high performance MEMS cores, precision calibration, sensor filtering and fusion for autonomous transportation and navigation applications.

Wearable to Collect Human Vital Signs Fueling Digital Health Applications

Discover how ADI’s watch platform enables complex vital sign recording along with algorithms for a wide range of bio-medical solutions, benefiting wellness management and in-home care markets

Industry 4.0 - AI on the EDGE

Our AI on the Edge solution enables continuous real-time monitoring of any asset at the edge using sound and vibrations, leveraging AI models designed with the OtoSense visual toolkit.

3D Time of Flight Safety Curtain

Collaboration between humans and industrial robotics requires robust safety measures. See ADI demonstrate how 3D time of flight technology can allow a robot to automatically slow down and stop when approached by a human.