Join us at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017
October 3rd to 5th
Booth #D485, Fira Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

The Internet of Things will rely on the Intelligence of Things

The future of IoT requires a more holistic, system-level approach to extracting insights from data. We’re improving data quality and integrity, obtaining better outcomes, and bringing intelligence and reliability to the IoT. And you'll see and hear it all at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017.

What You Will Hear

Joy WeissExtreme IoT
Joy Weiss
Vice President
Oct. 4th, 09:00 – 09:30 am



Erick OlsenIoT in Agriculture: Farm to Table
Erick Olsen
Strategic Marketing Manager
Oct. 5th, 11:10 – 11:45 am
Room 6

What You Will See

SMARTopolis - Solutions for Industrial Sensing


Find out how Analog Devices is moving beyond silicon and improving where we live and work with solutions for Parking Guidance, Occupancy Sensing, Structural Health Monitoring, and Energy Harvesting.

Parking Guidance
This demo showcases the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) as part of an application where multiple parking spaces are monitored by a single unit. Rather than outputting raw data, the BLIP system minimizes information, reducing connectivity bandwidth requirements from megabytes per second to bytes per hour. We also show an algorithm that can minimize customers’ design cycles.

Occupancy Sensing
This demo showcases the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) in a Smart Building Indoor Occupancy Sensing Application. Similar to the Parking Guidance demo, the BLIP system minimizes information, reducing connectivity bandwidth requirements from megabytes per second to kilobytes per hour. Relatively large areas such as meeting rooms and offices can be monitored by a single unit. We also show how an algorithm can minimize customers’ design cycles.

Structural Health Monitoring
The AD4003 (18-Bit, 2MSPS, SAR ADC) is used as part of a high-precision data acquisition solution to sequentially digitize information from different types of sensors (Vibration, Temperature, Force, etc.) indicating the health of buildings, structures or other assets.

Energy Harvesting
This demo shows how the new ADP5091 energy harvesting DC-to-DC converter with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) delivers high energy flow, and how its SIDO (Single Inductor Dual Output) capability can generate a second, well-regulated output voltage.

Ultra Low Power Asset Health Monitoring


Analog Devices technology can detect, measure and communicate critical information for high-value items during shipping. See how asset health, such as the effects of impacts during shipping, and temperature can be monitored locally via BLE to a tablet, and from there to the IoT Cloud for enterprise-wide sharing.

This demo also covers how this technology can be used in healthcare applications, such as concussion and head trauma detection.

SmartMesh Wireless Connectivity


We’ll show how SmartMesh® wireless sensor networking enables sensors to be placed for optimal measurement without impairing communications. SmartMesh is field-proven with over 60,000 customer networks around the world in harsh, demanding RF applications such as data center energy efficiency, rail-car condition monitoring, smart-parking, smart agriculture, and airport fueling.

Battery-less Sensing


We’ll show how several ultra-low power Analog Devices products, the ADF7030-sub-GHz transceiver, the ADuCM3029 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, and the ADP5091 energy harvesting PMU can gather energy from the surrounding environment and provide a sensing solution in locations where it’s impractical to run wires.

Structural Health Monitoring


See how several devices, including the ADF7023 sub-gig transceiver, the ADXL362 low-power accelerometer, the ADXL355 low noise accelerometer, and the ADuCM3029 ultra-low power consumption ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller bring intelligence to the edge and provide a wireless solution for monitoring the structural behavior of machines and buildings.

Sensor to Cloud Wearable Health Monitoring


Learn about a watch capable of simultaneously monitoring multiple health parameters including ECG, PPG, motion and EDA measurement.

Sensor to Cloud Smart Agriculture


This wireless environmental monitoring platform can improve crop growth and crop cycle predictability. We’ll show how it measures temperature, humidity and ambient light, and how the sensor-to-cloud system determines growth metrics, such as Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Growing Degree Days (GDD). We will also showcase how the Tomatometer App can help farmers assess and monetize the quality of their fruits and vegetables.

Partner Demos

Wireless Sensor Network System for Industrial Applications with Vicotee


Vicotee is a standard off-the-shelf solution that helps public organizations and private companies easily connect traditional cabled sensors through a simple wireless network. This is made possible using Analog Devices SmartMesh wireless sensor technology that provides reduced energy consumption, increased reliability, scalability, wireless connections, and ease of use through standard radio technology.

Wireless Sensor Network Solutions for Real-Life Applications with IoTeam


See a demo of the Dusty module, a PCBA product incorporating Analog Devices LTC5800-IPM SoC running SmartMesh IP embedded networking software. The Dusty module comes complete with an onboard PCB antenna or U.FL connector, crystals and modular RF certifications. With SmartMesh IP time-synchronized networks, all motes in the network may route, source or terminate data, while providing many years of battery powered operation. SmartMesh IP is a highly flexible network with proven reliability and low power performance in an easy-to-integrate platform.

Light Contrast Sensor with Honeywell


See a demonstration of Honeywell’s advanced Light Contrast Occupancy Sensor. This solution provides the advanced detection and analysis required by the modern smart building. In addition to multiple occupancy and ambient light level readings it can also provide occupancy count, direction of travel and activity level data. We will show how data from the sensor can be collected and used in applications such as retail, commercial office space, and healthcare and distribution center safety.

We’d be glad to talk with you about your IoT challenges. Visit us at booth #D485.