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Honeywell Process Solutions and Analog Devices bridged innovation and collaboration to reimagine Honeywell's field transmitter platform.

Transforming process automation. Together.

With a long history of industry firsts, and trusted relationships with global clients across multiple verticals, Honeywell Process Solutions has pioneered process automation control for more than four decades.

Honeywell's depth and breadth of solutions help customers operate their facilities with greater safety, sustainability, reliability and profitability. And when it came to leveraging this track record of performance and expertise to reimagine their field transmitter platform, Honeywell brought another significant advantage to bear for their customers: their deep collaboration with Analog Devices.

Greater. From the ground up.

Analog Devices worked with Honeywell to determine which ADI technologies would best meet Honeywell's objectives to deliver a field transmitter platform that offered customers true next-generation capabilities, ease of integration, superior reliability and significant value across the entire plant lifecycle.

Honeywell's design vision called for a range of ADI components, from digital-to-analog converters (DACs), to precision microcontrollers, to ADI's HART® Modem technology and digital isolators with iCoupler® technology. Moreover, it required ADI's deep understanding of Honeywell's market, and the insights born of our long, collaborative relationship.

Working together, ADI and Honeywell integrated the ADuCM360 low-power precision microcontroller- which can operate up to 125 degrees Celsius- into Honeywell's design driving significant performance advances while lowering system costs.

More innovation. More collaboration. More to come.

The result of ADI and Honeywell's collaborative approach led to the development of Honeywell's SmartLine Transmitters, which combine unmatched pressure and temperature measurement, versatile and accurate level transmitters, and an unparalleled user experience. Its smart on-board display, ability to change out parts, and ease of configuration in the field make SmartLine the latest in a long line of Honeywell's industry-leading innovation – and ADI was honored to contribute to its success.

"ADI recognized that they had to understand the operating environment of our products and become fluent in subjects beyond integrated circuit design, such as Field Communications, Intrinsic Safety, Galvanic Isolation and Safety Integrity Level (SIL). This makes ADI not only a preferred supplier to Honeywell, but also a strategic partner in the evolution of Field Instrument customer solutions." – Mark Muldowney, Senior Principal Systems Engineer - Honeywell SmartLine.

"By truly working as an engineering partner with Honeywell, we were able to provide value across an entire platform of products." - Dominick Gizzio, Analog Devices Global Account Manager for Honeywell.

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