Next-Generation Smart Energy Solutions

Key players of the smart energy community will come together during European Utility Week and discuss the newest energy business challenges. We are excited to showcase our latest portfolio of smart metering and energy solutions for utilities and meter manufacturers in our exhibition area. Learn more about our innovative mSure® technology for noninvasive monitoring of electric meter accuracy, discover our advanced cloud-based analytics solution and see how we are enabling next-generation electricity meters. Speak to our energy experts and get an in-depth look into the solutions that make us an industry leader in energy metering products (EMP) and electricity solutions.

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Embedded Energy Measurement Made Easy

See how the unique self-calibration feature of the ADE9153A enables revenue-grade energy measurement without expensive calibration equipment. The mSure® autocalibration of the energy metering IC boosts production efficiency by eliminating calibration steps, reduces production test time and enables faster time-to-market cycles.

Edge-to-Cloud Meter Analytics Solution

Discover how combining cloud-based analytics with edge-based sensing and processing can deliver a powerful solution for electricity utilities to protect revenue and manage equipment cost-effectively. Our advanced mSure® technology allows continuous sensor monitoring, identifies faulty meters in real-time and ensures meter health for accurate billing.