During embedded world 2019, we demonstrated how ADI is driving innovation to support your embedded systems of tomorrow. Visitors had the chance to discover ADI´s market-leading portfolio of high-performance products and solutions for a broad range of market applications such as Industry 4.0, mobility and security. For more information on ADI´s innovative embedded systems solutions, simply click on the links below.

embedded world 2019

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Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong, Analog Devices

Silent Switchers™ and Micromodule Regulator Products

This seminar covers some of the basics of buck regulator operation including how high di/dt and parasitic inductance in the switcher hot loop cause electro-magnetic noise and switch ringing, as well as addressing how to reduce the high frequency noise. While switching power supply layout is not black magic, it is often overlooked until it is too late in the design process. Therefore, this presentation shows a proven way to mitigate these potential threats of EMI generation from the onset. Silent Switcher technology is presented, showing how it is constructed and describing how it helps to solve EMI problems without any compromises. In addition, micromodule regulators are introduced, indicating how they are constructed and showing which problems they solve.

Christoph Kämmerer

Christoph Kämmerer, Analog Devices

How to Simplify Your Wearable Design

There are many wearable devices on the market, either for sports and wellness purposes or for medical use with diagnostic performance levels, which measure vital parameters of a human being. Analog Devices has been serving these markets for many years and has built a wide portfolio of sensors and sensor front-ends to enable measurement of these parameters in a reliable way. Learn more about these sensors and how easy it is to integrate them in your design.

David Rowe

David Rowe, Analog Devices

The Instruments of Disruption

Technological advancements are driving disruptive changes in the global economy. 5G communications and augmented reality are driving new levels of interconnectivity and user experience. The pursuit of a greener, safer and healthier world is demanding technological advancements for life sciences, food safety and medicine. Analog Devices’ instrumentation technology is at the forefront of all these revolutionary developments. This presentation delves into the advancements in test and measurement equipment enabled by ADI´s solutions. Examples include the technology behind high volume production of lithium-ion batteries, 5G communications testing, and mobile handset manufacturing.

Brian OLoughlin

Brian O'Loughlin, Analog Devices

Overview of ADI´s 3D Depth Sensing Technology with an Introduction to ADI´s TOF Embedded Processing Platform

In this presentation, we introduce ADI´s TOF 3D sensing technology – a high performance VGA resolution depth imaging solution for the industrial, consumer, and automotive market. Typical use cases range from navigation, gesture, and logistics to collision avoidance and safety applications. This video also introduces some of ADI´s new tools which are useful to aid customer design, such as a complete TOF processor platform to enable fast customer design without the need for hardware or software development.

Brendan O’Dowd

Brendan O’Dowd, Analog Devices

TSN and Security: Can Both Co-Exist to Meet the Demands of Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is driving development in two critical areas – time sensitive networking and security. It is common desire to have these two technologies co-exist in next generation industrial applications, which causes significant challenges when deploying new factory solutions. However, with the emergence of new techniques and technology it is becoming possible for both to co-exist without impact to application performance.

Robin Getz

Robin Getz, Analog Devices

Getting Your Electronics Designs Finished!

Many designs today require a mix of expertise, ranging from hardware in the analog, digital, power, and RF domains, to software, where things shift to algorithms, device drivers, HDL and system level integration. It is difficult for a single person to be an expert in all aspects of things. This presentation provides a brief description of various solutions and reference designs which can be re-used in your solutions, as well as how new innovative tools, and open source software can help find and resolve issues, so the actual problem is fixed in the right place.

View Our Automotive and Mobility Demos

High Voltage Battery Stack Management

We demonstrated how this solution combine precision cell measurements and temperature measurements with synchronous stack voltage and current measurements on an isoSPI bus. The system accurately measures a 36-cell battery stack, using Analog Devices battery stack monitor ICs and a precision EV/HEV Coulomb counter.

Learn more about our multicell battery monitor solution and visit the LTC6810 and the LTC6811 product pages.

Steer by Wire Advanced Sensor Technology

One highlight at ADI´s booth was our innovative sensor solution for measuring Electrical Power Steering Angle and Torque. See how this solution can be directly integrated into the steering column of a car and how it eliminates the need for separate sensor module assembly and calibration.

A2B: Revolutionary Architectures for Audio & Voice Supported by an Expanding Eco-System

Discover how the Automotive Audio Bus® technology can connect multiple sensor and processing units to build an innovative automotive infotainment system.

View Our Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT Demos

Accelerating Industry 4.0 with TSN and Security

See how this Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution accelerates the adoption of Industry 4.0 connectivity while improving cyber security within the factory control loop at the edge of industrial networks. Learn how it can help customers improve their security posture to meet security standards and requirements while adopting features such as time synchronization, preemption, and control of TSN via OPC-UA.

Learn more about our Industrial Ethernet products.

View Our Embedded Systems Demo

LiDAR Prototyping Platform

Discover how ADI enables automotive and industrial customers to solve their toughest hardware and software design challenges by offering a prototyping platform for low power, high performance LiDAR systems. See how a complete LiDAR receive signal chain is implemented from photons to bits and learn more about ADI´s newest A/D converter, clock generator and software stack solutions.

Learn more about our LiDAR automotive solutions.

View Our Sensing Technology Demos

Smoke & Aerosol Detection

We show how ADI´s Integrated Optical Module, the ADPD188BI, uses optical dual-wavelength technology to provide particle size differentiation enabling smoke classification and nuisance source rejection. This solution can work as a complete photometric system for smoke and aerosol detection.

See how our Smoke Detection solution solves critical challenges.

Gigabit iCoupler® Isolators: Safety and Robustness for High Bandwidth Links

With this demonstration, we present an isolating video solution with a small form-factor, easy-to-use reference design that incorporates ADN4654 Gigabit isolators. The solution shows how Analog Devices´ latest 1.1Gbps LVDS digital isolator enables galvanic isolation of high-speed HDMI video signals to increase safety and robustness for industrial machine vision and medical imaging solutions.

View Our Healthcare Demo

GEN III Remote Health Monitoring

In this video, we show you our new bio-medical analog front-end solution, the ADPD4000, which is designed especially for low power and wearable applications. Learn how it can measure ECG, PPG, Galvanic Skin Response, Capacity and Temperature. By having all these sensing functions integrated in a single tiny package, wearable devices can be designed more powerful and cost-effective in a physical smaller form-factor to support a range of applications including Sport & Fitness, Wellness, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Independent Living.

Learn more about our Healthcare market solutions.

View Our Power by Linear Demos

Silent Switchers Technology Reduces EMI, Improves Efficiency and Shrinks Solution Size

Discover how ADI's Silent Switcher technology can dramatically reduce both radiated and conducted EMI emissions. Learn how Silent Switcher technology makes it much easier for end equipment to pass EMI emission regulations.

Total Managed Power with Power System Management

Watch the video and learn more about ADI´s family of Power System Management ICs and uModules that offers a best-in-class suite of power rail generation and management tools to give customers vast control, safety, and visibility over their power rails in the smallest possible space.

View Our Partner Demos for Eco System Enablement

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Embedded artificial intelligence can help you to create a wireless smart sensor system for condition-based monitoring applications. We demonstrated an embedded platform for fast development and prototyping of sensor-to-cloud solutions to get your idea from concept to production quickly and with minimal risk. The development platform is based on ADI´s industry leading ultra-low power ADuCM4050 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M4F microcontroller.

Machine and Structural Health Monitoring

In this video, we show you how you can create a wide variety of complete solutions for Machine and Structural Health Monitoring by utilizing our best-in-class MEMS technologies for sensing, and our high-performance analog-to-digital and power conversion solutions for ultra-low power signal processing. These solutions help you to monitor your assets in real-time and 24 hours a day.

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