See how we can help you intelligently bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and solve your toughest design challenges. We’re bringing our latest products, systems and solutions to electronica 2018. You can see more than 35 live demonstrations at our 800sqm premium exhibition booth. You’ll also have direct access to our team of experts in a range of markets including Industrial Automation, Mobility, Instrumentation, Measurement, Energy, Power, Healthcare and Consumer.
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Insights From Our Experts

Condition-Based Monitoring for Industrial Automation

Pete Sopcik, Analog Devices

Tuesday, November 13
2:30 - 3:00 pm
Hall B5.239

Panel Discussion: Talk from the Top

Stefan Steyerl, Analog Devices

Tuesday, November 13
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Hall C6 Experience Hall on the Discovery Stage
Broadcast: Live on the internet as a webcast + broadcast to the stage of Hall B4 / Automotive Forum at the fair

Advanced Modular DC/DC Regulators in High-Density Systems

Afshin Odabaee, Analog Devices

Wednesday, November 14
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Hall A6.158

Car Camera and Video Bus (C2B) – Enabling HD Video Over the Lowest Cost Infrastructure

Fionn Hurley, Analog Devices

Wednesday, November 14
1:30 - 2:00 pm
Hall A2.225

The Business Impact of TSN Enhancements in IIoT Systems

Tom Weingartner, Analog Devices

Wednesday, November 14
4:00 - 4:30 pm
Hall C3.534

Extending the Secure Edge in Industrial Control Systems

Erik Halthen, Analog Devices

Thursday, November 15
10:35 - 10:50 am
Hall C3.534

Negative Prognosis: Why Digital Health Is Failing and How to Make It Succeed

Shalini Palmer, Analog Devices

Thursday, November 15
10:05 am - 10:50 am
ICM–Internationales Congress Center München

Solving Noise Emissions in LED Drivers

Paul Worthington, Analog Devices

Thursday, November 15
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Hall C2.209

How to Simplify Your Wearable Design

Jan-Hein Broeders, Analog Devices

Friday, November 16
11:15 - 11:45 am
Hall C3.534

Industrial Automation Demos

Complete Motion Control Synchronization for Industrial Automation

See how our real-time, multi-protocol network switch technology, in combination with our mixed-signal motion control signal processing solution, can be used in industrial servo and robotic applications.

Accelerating Industry 4.0 with TSN and Security

See how this Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution accelerates the adoption of Industry 4.0 connectivity while improving cyber security within the factory control loop at the edge of industrial networks. Learn how it can help customers improve their security posture to meet security standards and requirements while adopting features such as time synchronization, preemption, and control of TSN via OPC-UA.

Condition-Based Monitoring

Discover how Analog Devices’ high-performance, wide-bandwidth MEMS sensors, ultra low power processing, robust industrial communications, and integrated modules enable a wide variety of vibration monitoring applications.

Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET) System Integration with Software-Defined I/O

Discover a flexible solution for analog and digital I/O applications on a single chip. We’ll show how this Analog Devices innovation can provide seamless integration with Industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET.

Industrial Robotics Safety Curtain

See how a 3D depth sensor can be implemented as a 3D virtual safety curtain around a robot, increasing safety for humans working with robots.

LT6370 IA Remote Strain Gauge

See how the exceptional CM rejection of this new instrumentation amplifier (LT6370) can extract a tiny signal from a sensor, such as a strain gauge, operated at a great distance from the amplifier. We’ll also show the environmental disturbance that is being "cancelled" by the amplifier to highlight the challenges involved.

Power Scaling in Strain Gauge Applications

Learn how ADI signal chains can interface directly with sensors for both low-power, wake-up detection functions and high-power, diagnostic functions to suit the diverse requirements of customer applications.

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Testbed for Flexible Manufacturing

We’ll show how TSN enables a single, open network infrastructure supporting multi-vendor interoperability through standardization, as well as IT and OT convergence through guarantee of service.

Mobility, Transportation & Automotive Demos

Intelligent In-Cabin Sensor Fusion

See how combining in-cabin technologies can be used to monitor and analyze driver fatigue—a significant factor in fatal and serious accidents. We’ll be showing how we’ve partnered with BSecur to develop ECG based biometric authentication and analysis of driver health and wellness.

High Voltage Battery Stack Management

We demonstrate combining precision cell measurements & temperature measurements with synchronous stack voltage and current measurements on an isoSPI™ bus. See how this system accurately measures a 36-cell battery stack, using Analog Devices battery stack monitor ICs and a precision EV/HEV Coloumb counter.

Industrial 60-GHz RADAR for Absolute Positioning

Discover our broad system, design, and algorithm expertise for high-performance RADAR solutions. See how our next-generation primary and secondary RADAR sensors achieve millimeter-precise distance measurements to make industrial processes more efficient and safe. Typical applications include exact crane positioning, smart automation processes and reliable collision avoidance.

xMR Sensor - Market Leading ADA4574-1 360-degree Digital Motor Position Sensor

We compare the high performance of our new digital out xMR sensor with that of an industrial-grade optical encoder. Discover how the new ADA4574 Angle Sensor combines the high-precision accuracy of AMR technology with TMR technology to extend the measurement range to 360˚ and provide diverse redundancy to enable functionally safe applications.

C2B - Enabling HD video over the lowest cost infrastructure

Learn how the Car Camera and Video Bus (C2B) offers a seamless and low-cost upgrade path from mainstream low-resolution NTSC to High Definition cameras for automotive camera connectivity.

Instrumentation & Measurement Demos

Impedance Analysis for Precision Tone

Discover how a precision measurement reference design can be used to analyze the impedance characteristic of electric guitar pickups, identify their differences, and offer an objective evaluation of their construction and tone.

Industrial Video Isolation System Based on ADI’s iCoupler® Isolation and HDMI Transceiver Technologies

Learn about isolating video with a small form-factor, easy-to-use reference design that incorporates ADN4654 Gigabit isolators.

34-GHz MEMS Switch Technology - Live Demonstration of an SPDT Switch and Switch Filter Matrix

We will be highlighting the RF performance of our 34-GHz MEMS switch technology. Discover how this MEMS switch technology offers 0Hz/DC precision performance coupled with extremely low insertion loss and high linearity, making it ideal for stand-alone switches and switching RF filters.

Meet EMI Targets with Low Noise Reinforced Isolated Power Converters

See how the new ADuM5020 Low-Emission 500 mW Isolated DC-to-DC Converter can facilitate easy and economical design of isolated power converters, readily achieving radiated emissions that are well within the limits set in the CISPR 22 standard, when constructed on a simple 2-layer PCB.

Multi-Sensor Precision Temperature Measurements in a Noisy Environment

This hands-on demonstration shows the extreme accuracy of the LTC2986 multi-sensor temperature-to-bits converter in an electrically noisy environment. Learn how it can solve your measurement challenges in a variety of applications including industrial and medical.

Power Management Demos

Silent Switchers Reduce EMI, Improve Efficiency and Shrink Solution Size

Discover how ADI's Silent Switcher technology can dramatically reduce both radiated and conducted EMI emissions. Learn how Silent Switcher technology makes it much easier for end equipment to pass EMI emission regulations.

Dual Battery Bi-Directional DC/DC Controller Ideal for Redundancy in Autonomous Driving Vehicles

See how the LT8708 bidirectional buck-boost switching regulator controller operates between two supercapacitors banks that have the same voltage (12V) and prevents system shut-down should one of the super caps fail. Learn how the LT8708 is well suited for the redundancy required in self-driving vehicles.

High Power, High Density Switched Capacitor and Hybrid DC/DC Supplies

See how LTC7820/7821 controllers enable easier design and lower cost for embedded power systems when isolation is not required. Learn how this solution can increase power density and replace large and expensive conventional transformer-based power bricks in Telecom and Datacenter systems.

Total Managed Power with PSM

Discover how our family of Power System Management ICs and uModules offers a best-in-class suite of power rail generation and management tools to give customers vast control, safety, and visibility over their power rails in the smallest possible space.

Energy Demos

Wind Turbine Wireless Condition Monitoring

Learn how Analog Devices SmartMesh wireless network, MEMS accelerometers, and Precision Measurement technologies can provide a monitoring solution to help reduce downtime, improve longevity, and increase operational efficiency.

Edge-to-Cloud Meter Analytics Solution

Discover how combining cloud-based analytics with edge-based sensing and processing can deliver a powerful solution for electricity utilities to protect revenue and manage equipment cost-effectively.

Embedded Energy Measurement Made Easy

See how the unique self-calibration feature of the ADE9153A enables revenue-grade energy measurement without expensive calibration equipment.

30-kW SiC DC/DC Bi-Directional Charger for ESS and EV

Discover how this reference design platform, in the shape of a final product, can help enable EV fast DC charging infrastructure and Energy Storage Systems integration into the Smart Grid.

Building Automation Demos

Who Monitors the Monitors? – Sensor Health in Water Quality Analysis

We’ll show how ADuCM355 enables a small-footprint, platformized, connected measurement solution for water quality sensors. See how sensor health monitoring is performed and how maintenance suggestions are obtained using simple software algorithms. Discover how this approach provides the robustness, small size, and low power needed for continuous and portable water quality measurements.

Building Automation: Connecting, Isolating and Extending

See how isolated CAN FD transceivers with integrated isolated DC-DC and SPI/I2C bus extenders can be used for industrial and building automation applications and meet the high levels of IEC 61000-4-x ESD and EFT protection for robust operation in field environments.

Gas Sensing Reference Designs With ADuCM355

See our new Chemical Sensor Interface solution designed specifically for gas-sensing applications. It offers a host of features and benefits, enabling 50% smaller solution size, and sensor health self-diagnostics, and delivering longer sensor lifetimes.

Smoke & Aerosol Detection

See how the ADPD188BI uses optical dual-wavelength technology to provide particle size differentiation enabling smoke classification and nuisance source rejection, and how it can work as a complete photometric system for smoke and aerosol detection.

Structural Health Monitoring

See how SmartMesh® IP transceivers and Analog Devices next-generation accelerometers measure tilt, impact and vibration of a model bridge. Learn how this low-power solution can be ideal for reliably monitoring the health of structures such as bridges, tunnels, railways, and roads.

Consumer Demos

A2B: Revolutionary Architectures for Audio & Voice Supported by an Expanding Eco-System

Discover how the Automotive Audio Bus® technology can connect multiple sensor and processing units to build an innovative automotive infotainment system.

GEN III Wearable Vital Signs Monitoring Platform

We’re demonstrating our latest VSM platform in our third-generation wrist-worn device. Learn how it can measure ECG, Heart Rate, Galvanic Skin Response, Activity and Temperature. We’ll also show how it can be used for data collection, remote monitoring and cloud based analytics to support a range of applications including Sport & Fitness, Wellness, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Independent Living. Come see how ADI is enabling better health, and transforming the future of healthcare.

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