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There's a revolution under way in the skies above us: the innovative use of aerial camera drone technology to unlock previously unimagined opportunities for professional and hobbyist photographers, search & rescue teams, remote exploration applications, and much more. And as these drones become ever-smaller, lighter, less expensive, more versatile, and easier to operate, so too does their range of potential uses continue to expand.

DJI is leading the way in driving this innovation worldwide, with aerial platforms that are more intelligent, more powerful, and more accessible than anything the market has seen before.

Powerful Technology. Brilliant Simplicity.

DJI's vision is to create solutions that make advanced capabilities accessible to anyone with an idea, a need or an opportunity.

Analog Devices was chosen to provide a wide range of versatile, high-performance solutions that help make this possible - including MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS accelerometers, and the industry's only complete, programmable wideband radio transceiver in IC form.

The results are camera drones that are renowned for their ease of use - lightweight, maneuverable, power-efficient and incredibly versatile. They can transmit real-time video information while in-flight, without adverse performance issues or interference, even in some of the most remote and demanding environments on Earth.

And yet for all their simplicity, DJI drones remain packed with advanced features and performance - from image quality and stability to overall durability - enabling users to obtain images that were either once impossible or confined to the realm of expensive helicopter shoots.

Capturing Images. Fueling Imagination.

What are users doing with this technology? In this case, the sky is literally the limit.

First responders are utilizing drones to scope out dangerous environments, or help fight fires in places ranging from California to Australia.

Rescue teams pilot drones to monitor the impact, and scope the aftermath, of natural disasters - often enabling emergency operations that might previously have been impossible or even wholly undetected.

Farmers are utilizing drone technology to monitor crops and irrigation.

And every day, users upload gigabytes' worth of footage online, sharing their creative vision with the world.

In short: anyone now can have eyes in the sky ... and the possibilities that go with it.

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