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January 9 to 12
Las Vegas Convention Center
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W237 and W238

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Preview Our CES Digital Healthcare, Power and MEMs Demos

Wearable Platforms: Actionable Insights into Your Health

ADI is driving better healthcare outcomes through technology that captures clinical-grade data and turns it into simple, trusted insights. By combining our leading-edge sensors and decades of experience, our customizable wearable solutions can be applied to different body locations for multiple uses. Together with our customers, we are co-creating wearable devices in a comfortable form factor that ensure accurate and secure clinical data capture.

Low Power Solutions: Advancing Fitness and Health Tracking

ADI nanoPower Technology™, power management integrated circuit (PMIC), and vital signs monitoring are extending the battery life and enhancing fitness features in today’s smartwatch.

Next Gen XLs: Pickin’ Up Your Body's ‘Good Vibrations’

ADI’s latest low noise, wideband accelerometer technology pushes physics to the extent that now you can monitor the minute vibrations coming from your body and enable such things as continuous, real-time, heart- and lung-sounds monitoring. By adding to the vital-sign monitoring toolkit, this new capability helps pave the way to new chronic disease management and diagnosis. Another way to leverage the technology is to enhance the audio experience for true wireless headphone (TWS) technology by acting as a contact microphone that detects speech conducted through the body.

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Futuristic car on a highway

Automotive Demos

Electrification and In-Cabin Experience

Take a look under the hood and witness the solutions driving the next frontier of the automotive industry—from high-resolution, highly responsive and power efficient pillar-to-pillar displays making mobility safer and more immersive; to the EV charging ecosystem which enables bi-directional energy flow with verifiable energy usage and real-time payment processing; to next-generation automotive networking, connectivity and power management systems which leverage ADI’s innovations for software-defined vehicle technologies; to battery management platforms than transform the EV battery into a technologically advanced asset.

Woman listening to music

Consumer Demos

Immersive. Engaging. Empowering.

Learn how immersive home theater delivers next-level sight and sound from minimal physical footprint and low power usage. Listen how life is supposed to sound by filtering out, amplifying, or enhancing the sounds of life in context-aware, hearable solutions. Witness how ADI’s audio, time of flight, battery and power management solutions help enable highly-complex, immersive extended reality (XR) experiences to help increase productivity, connect across time zones and live life without geographical limitations.