3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth
3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth

AT CES® 2022
CES® 2022

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Vital Sign Monitoring Platform

Why should we ever need to leave home without our health?

A wearable vital signs monitoring watch, like the EVAL-HCRWATCH4Z, represents a modular development, demonstration, and data collection platform, all powered by Analog Devices technology. By enabling continuous monitoring and on-demand spot check measurement of electrodermal activity, skin temperature, electrocardiography and more, it allows us to get a clearer, uninterrupted picture of our own health, while neatly managing the data, and sending it where it needs to go.

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Patient Hub: Try Out Your Personal Doctor

What if head-to-toe health insights were available at our fingertips?

Gain a complete and portable picture of your patient through ADI’s cloud IoMT platform, providing accurate data and actionable insights in an easy-to-access central hub.

Wrist-Based Wearable: Low-Power Predictive Health

What if we could be ready for a personal health crisis before it happenes?

ADI's ultra-compact sensing technology allows for smaller, more power-efficient form factors, like in wrist-worn SpO2 and heartrate monitoring. This allows for devices that can be worn more often, for longer, eliminating blind spots in personal health monitoring.

Biometrics: Discover Truly Personalized Health

What if our homes became places of healing?

ADI is bringing clinical-grade measurements to in-home monitoring, disease management, and wearable monitoring, all while making healthcare more personal and predictive. It’s unlocking a future where all of us can be more proactive with our own health.

Health Sensor Platform 3.0: A Closer Look at Personal Health

What if we could get our most crucial health updates, directly on our wrists?

ADI's health-sensing breakthroughs are opening doors for personalizing medical care, by allowing clinical grade accuracy in a wearable monitor. The result is never not knowing the most important changes to your vital signs, the moment they occur.

In-Bed Vital Sign Sensing: Don’t Sleep on It

What if we could get healthier in our sleep?

ADI provides accurate and near invisible vital sign monitoring for in-bed and seated applications. Measuring respiration, heart rate and heart rate variability. It’s like having a virtual nurse always at your bedside.

Health Patch: Hearing What the Body Has to Say

What if we could listen to our hearts, in our homes?

Clinical-quality accuracy and insights shouldn't only come from a clinic. ADI's health-sensing technology enables smart patches that can be utilized in-home, granting access to instant and ongoing vitals information.

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ADI CES Automotive Demos

Witness firsthand how breakthroughs in battery management systems, digital cabin experience, gesture sensing, zonal architecture, and occupant monitoring are creating an automotive future that isn’t just safer and more sustainable, but also helps us get where we’re going in style.

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ADI CES Consumer Demos

See how we’re shaping the spaces in our homes and offices to be more immersive and enriching, with demonstrations about interactive gaming, sound amplification, next-generation noise cancellation, audio beamforming, personal augmentation, and more.