Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed
Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed



It was great to be back at CES 2023 with 120,000 of our closest friends and colleagues! Those of you who were able to visit our booth were treated to an immersive experience showcasing how the Intelligent Edge impacts every moment of our lives, big or small. If you missed us and wanted to experience the energy "firsthand" watch our demo videos above.

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A Room with a View: Explore Life at the Intelligent Edge

Technology doesn’t improve human lives in leaps and bounds alone. The promise of the Intelligent Edge impacts the efficiency, comfort, and sustainability of our daily lives in a million ways from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Experience it for yourself, at CES 2023.

Insights from the Edge

Listen to ADI and our customer experts and thought leaders, discussing how technology is shaping the here and now, and what it means for a future playing out on the Intelligent Edge.

David Nesbitt, Darby Hadley and Yasmine King

David Nesbitt
Director of Digital Product Platform at Jaguar Land Rover
Darby Hadley
Chief Engineer, Audio Infotainment at Harman
Yasmine King
Vice President of Automotive Cabin Experience at Analog Devices

The Future of Automotive: Bringing Personalized and Immersive Experiences into the Vehicle

A mobile device with a slick, touchscreen user interface gives access to an array of entertainment, information, and navigation functions. This description is not a phone, but the next generation of immersive, in-cabin experience in cars to be launched in the coming months and years. Learn how Analog Devices is using bus network, noise cancellation and Ethernet-to-edge connectivity to create a seamless experience from home to vehicle.

Samantha Fontane and Carol Ann Clayson

Samantha Fontaine
Director of Technology for Social Impact at Analog Devices
Carol Anne Clayson
Senior Scientist and Associate Director of Research Strategies at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

The Ocean’s Critical Role in Combatting Climate Change

The ocean and climate are not two separate systems; they are part of a single system that impacts everyone, everywhere. There is an urgent need to understand ocean processes to predict future climate impact and to inform policies. Hear how Analog Devices is harnessing the best and brightest of business and scientific research to help address the challenges facing the ocean.

View All Our CES 2023 Demonstrations

Electric car being charged at home, with wind turbines in the distance

ADI CES Automotive Demos

A more engaging, eco-friendly commute.

Between home, work and the other important landmarks of our day, our car is our refuge. By making these moments of transition safer, more immersive, and more power efficient, we can improve how far we can travel sustainably, while also improving our daily lives.

Technology that transports us.

Taking us to far-off destinations, and back home again, technology is changing the way we enjoy our leisure and recreation time. It's enhancing our experiences directly, and enhancing our ability to travel safely, sustainably, and more immersively than ever before.

Father and son wearing VR glasses lying down at home

ADI CES Consumer Demos

Making the office work, from anywhere.

Between any two points on earth, or in virtual worlds that are still being built, modern reality means where we work is ever changing. Clearer sound, safety technology, call fidelity and metaverse capabilities are just the beginning of what tomorrow’s office must do.

Entertainment without boundaries.

Movies, music, media: the way we express ourselves, or simply enjoy ourselves, needs to be just as immersive as the rest of our lives. ADI technology is streamlining and enhancing the way we create and enjoy art, to make sure nothing separates us from the things we love most.

Young woman presses a side button on a smartwatch

ADI CES Digital Healthcare and Industrial Demos

Wake up to a view of the future.

From the moment we wake up, there are opportunities to enrich, immerse and improve the way we live. By infusing our homes with the ability to help us better understand our bodies and needs, we ensure each day begins in the best possible way.

Changing the landscape of industry.

Across the countless industries in which we make our livings, technology is collectively making work more efficient, smarter and safer. In agricultural and construction applications, this takes the form of power regulation, vehicle stabilization, and other innovations that make our working days more productive.

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