Whether you call it Industry 4.0, the digital factory, or Industrial IoT, the promise of new levels of productivity is compelling for businesses and consumers alike.

Factories have always depended on synchronized motion and the smooth running of lines to maximize productivity. Today’s consumer preferences, however, demand more variety and customization, requiring manufacturing lines to be even more flexible with minimal downtime. Process efficiency and quality assurance have for decades represented the most common ways to continuous improvement. What does the next frontier of productivity gains hold? Analog Devices’ technology is helping redefine how factories of the future will approach this problem.

Our environmental sensing helps machines monitor and understand the conditions around them (temperature, humidity, vibration, sound, etc.) in order to better predict maintenance needs. Motion sensing and the right TSN-ready Ethernet become pivotal to improving communication speed and synchronizing cobots working alongside humans on the factory floor—ensuring that robots on factory floors are safe for humans to be around, and that no separation is necessary. Some of these advancements are already widely adopted, while still others are nascent. Analog Devices is ensuring that our solutions are future-proof enough to easily adopt these when the time comes, and make the factory smarter, more predictive, and more automated—all significantly reducing downtime, and increasing speed-to-market and productivity for our customers.

ADI Accelerates the path to Industry 4.0

  • Flexible architectures allow for greater capacity and faster reconfiguration

  • Lower power solutions create greater efficiencies and savings for factory operators

  • Robust, secure wired and wireless communication provides a clear path to Ethernet-to-the-edge and time sensitive networks (TSN)

  • Functional safety with strict standardization and certifications requirements

  • Stronger cybersecurity strategies help counteract the cyber threats that result from the rapidly increasing number of connected devices

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Analog Devices Capabilities in Industry 4.0 Applications

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