Medical equipment developers employ some of the most stringent standards in the digital electronics industry when selecting components for their devices—only the best components make the cut.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) proudly sits at the heart of many patient monitoring and diagnostics systems due to our ability to bridge the physical and digital worlds to deliver reliable insight.

In times of emergency, it’s critical to read and interpret all the data blood contains and do so quickly, since lives could be at stake. Until now this has not been possible—lab tests for bacterial infections regularly take a few days and often require being sent off-site to different facilities, further delaying the right care when it’s most critical.

ADI’s technology enables doctors to rapidly diagnose a wide range of bacterial infections and prescribe the most effective antibiotic treatment, often in less than an hour, and directly at point-of-care. This type of immediacy ensures patients are quickly treated with the most effective antibiotic that, in cases such as sepsis, can help saves lives.

Our capabilities and solutions to accelerate seamless, in-hospital monitoring and diagnosis enablement, robust out-of-hospital monitoring, and personalized medicine represent the key ways we are moving our customers forward to deliver on the promise of digital health.

ADI Digital Health Accelerators

  • Accelerate seamless, in-hospital care: uninterrupted monitoring now enables providers to react to early indications of deterioration or improvement much faster

  • Accelerate care access and population health improvement: moving to the realm of clinical-grade quality of data and robust, reliable monitoring without interruption to create population health insights that doctors can rely on

  • Accelerate the next frontier of medicine: from advanced patient monitoring that provides preventative care before the patient develops the illness, to the advent of personalized medicine and beyond

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