Today, electric vehicles (EV) are gaining in popularity, with worldwide adoption rates increasing. To meet this demand, the need for technology to support these vehicles will also continue to increase. This is where Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is taking a leadership role to help power up this industry.

With our advanced capabilities in automotive power management already in place, our customers have been able to design safer, greener, and more comfortable automobiles.

Of course, one drawback to electric vehicle adoption has always been their long-range driving capabilities. To address this challenge, ADI’s battery management solutions are designed to improve their range, with particularly strong impact on energy efficiency and accelerated charging speed, ultimately making EVs much more attractive to consumers.

Beyond ADI’s system approach to battery management which maximizes safe driving range, our advanced sensors and isolators enable the industry’s most efficient inverters to reduce size and weight—two very important components in EV design.

With ADI helping address the power and efficiency challenges, you can expect the greening of the auto market to continue, full power ahead.

ADI Power Benefits for EV Industry

  • Exceptional range and reliability

  • Most efficient charger/inverter

  • Safety for people and systems

The need to scale up EV battery production

For battery manufacturers and instrumentation providers, increasing the scale and efficiency of EV production is the key to capitalizing on the opportunity in the electric vehicle market.

Battery Formation & Test

EV Battery

Meet the scientist behind the science: Khiem Nguyen

Khiem (Kim) Nguyen, ADI Fellow, is obsessed with sound. Learn how he’s leveraging this passion to develop breakthrough automotive audio technology.

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