The promise of 5G holds immense possibilities for businesses, industries, and consumers to harness this power and enable a whole host of other advancements that will soon transform our everyday lives. Once up and running, some of the game-changing features that 5G will introduce include:

  • Dramatically increased reliability with greatly reduced latency

  • Autonomous transport and autonomous, car-to-car communications

  • Completely immersive digital experiences

  • AR-enhanced surgery

What’s more, imagine an always-on, always-connected world of 50 billion devices, all working to make your commute easier, your home smarter, your body healthier, your entertainment more immersive, and our world safer.

But in order to fully realize the 5G world, it will require innovative engineering prowess. Enter Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). With an unparalleled system-level expertise in RF, along with deep domain knowledge, ADI has not only developed every communications advancement since 2G, 3G, and 4G, but has enabled every major field test of 5G, and has even developed the leading technology to make 5G itself a reality.

It’s this type of depth in communication technologies, expertise, and domain knowledge that will help customers navigate the complexity of 5G transformation to test, build, and harness its capabilities faster, with higher performance and less risk.

With such breakthrough technology on our doorstep, the stakes have never been higher for forward-thinking businesses to choose the right ally early in 5G’s development stage. 
ADI is uniquely qualified for such a partnership.


ADI: the intelligent path to 5G

Preparing 5G: ETM (Electronic Test and Measurement)
Helping customers plan and build the core technologies to make 5G possible. From high speed data converters through mmWave technology, we are helping build the high-performance test equipment required to test 5G radio architectures.

Building 5G: Network Infrastructure
Industry-leading domain expertise to help design the radio architectures required for deploying a 5G system. At Analog Devices, we have created solutions that deliver the unprecedented levels of performance and power consumption that are required for 5G systems.

Harnessing 5G: Market Applications
The power of 5G is in harnessing a number of new use cases and applications that are not available with today’s wireless networks. Analog Devices is focused on the core sensing and measurement technologies that will enable these applications. We provide integrated solutions to our customers, so that they in turn can focus on the other innovation in the network, allowing these transformational 5G applications to come to market.

Are you ready to test 5G?

We’ve been getting ready for 5G for a long time. Discover some of the insights, innovations, success stories, and latest industry developments right here.

Instrumenting 5G

Are you ready to test 5G?

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