ADI’s signal-conditioning ICs are helping Audi pave the way for greener, safer, more cost-effective vehicles.

A Powerful Partnership

The brand with four rings has invited ADI into its inner circle. And when Audi launches its next-generation car platforms, ADI’s signal processing solutions will be part of the ride.

ADI was chosen to participate in Audi’s Progressive Semiconductor Program (PSCP) for its “relentless focus on innovation,” and will join a select group of electronics suppliers working closely with Audi to enhance the functionality and reliability of its future models.

“Being selected as one of the very few strategic partners of Audi’s PSCP is a privilege—and the best evidence of ADI’s reputation as a leading, innovative IC supplier in the automotive market,” said Rolf Reitenbach, Business Development Manager OEM Europe, Analog Devices, Inc.

A Full Range of Applications

The ADI/Audi partnership reflects the automotive industry’s rising demand for semiconductors that are used in sophisticated car electronics. It will enable the companies to more effectively engineer greener, safer cars that comply with global regulations and legislation.

More specifically, ADI technologies will enable optimized system partitioning—from sensing to signal conditioning—via digitization and signal processing in powertrain, safety and infotainment systems.

ADI’s application-specific ICs are already found in the most innovative systems for rollover and stability control, airbag and crash sensing, radar and vision driver assistance, hybrid and electric vehicle power management, 12V battery management, fuel injection, transmission control, head units, audio and emerging applications.

Meanwhile, ADI’s Blackfin and SHARC automotive amplifier families integrate a variety of popular system peripherals, making the processors a leading platform for customizable automotive applications.

A Bright Future

ADI will provide Audi with pioneering technologies that support its ability to manufacture the most appealing vehicles on the market.

“ADI’s expertise and portfolio in high performance signal processing, its creative energy and relentless focus on new functions and innovation made ADI an obvious choice as long-term strategic partner in Audi’s Progressive Semiconductor Program (PSCP),” said Ricky Hudi, Chief Executive Engineer Electrics/Electronics at Audi. “Together we will break new ground by bringing tailored, innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.”

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