ADI and ARM Collaboration

ADI announced at the show that it is collaborating with ARM to provide ultralow power microcontrollers (MCUs) that enable more secure and energy efficient Internet of Things (IoT) based devices. By combining ADI’s innovative ultralow power mixed- signal technology with the new ARM® Cortex®-M33 processor featuring ARM TrustZone™ technology, ADI is addressing the growing need for data security in power-constrained IoT applications. As the world becomes increasingly connected, securing every node is critical to extending the growth of IoT adoption.

Watch a video of ADI’s FastStart™ IoT Development Platform

The FastStart IoT platform from Analog Devices is a powerful enabler for IoT technology developers. It brings ADI’s best low power wireless, ultralow power ARM based microcontroller, MEMS and PMU products in a single platform. It leverages connectivity module solutions to accelerate platform development in a variety of applications such as Structural Health Monitoring, Machine Health, Smart Agriculture and Asset Health & Tracking. This demo will showcase the ADuCM3029 - a best-in-class ARM CortexM3-based ultralow power microcontroller from Analog Devices.

Watch Our Onsite Demonstration Videos:

High Performance Sub-GHz Radio Development Platform


video-accordion-5196655995001 Watch Demo: High Performance Sub-GHz Radio Development Platform

The ADF7030-1 is a high performance sub-GHz transceiver from Analog Devices targeted at robust low power wireless networks. The ADF7030-1 demo setup offers the user complete configurability of the device and allows the user to perform measurements between two boards. An option to display the spectral plot on the LCD is also available to the user to understand the radio interference in their location. The platform is based on the ADuCM3029 low power ARM based microcontroller and the ADF7030-1 low-power radio.

Crop Connect—Environmental Monitoring Solution for Smart Agriculture


video-accordion-5196658566001 Watch Demo: Crop Connect - Environmental Monitoring for Smart Agriculture

Learn how this wireless environmental monitoring platform can improve crop growth and crop cycle predictability. We’ll show how it measures temperature, humidity and ambient light, and how the sensor to cloud system determines growth metrics, such as Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Growing Degree Days (GDD).

Cloud Connected, Low Power ARM® M3 Sensor Platform


video-accordion-5196655980001 Watch Demo: Cloud Connected, Low Power ARM® M3 Sensor Platform

Analog Devices IoT development kit EVAL-ADICUP360 provides a complete framework to build sensor-to-cloud applications. The EVAL-ADICUP360 kit supports both Arduino and PMOD interfaces, enabling interoperability with a wide array of existing sensor shields and board designs. Analog Devices' cloud based development portal enables users to quickly visualize, collect, and analyze data streams from internet connected sensor applications.