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MAR 2018

About Analog Garage

ADI has been innovating at the intersection of the digital and real world for decades. Experience tells us there is a great deal yet to be discovered all around us – and even inside us. These discoveries will need advanced sensing to detect, measure, and record. They will need analytics and cloud capabilities to make sense of the tidal wave of data from those sensors. They will need transformative energy harvesting and storage innovations to keep the data flowing. And they will need you.

The Analog Garage is here to help you turn your disruptive ideas into tomorrow’s realities. We provide entrepreneurs with a path to propose, explore and scale new technologies and new business models. We partner, mentor, and finance entrepreneurs with ideas that solve hard problems in the real world; the noisy, the messy, the difficult: the analog world.

Our Focus Areas

Ideas that need to sense physical phenomena, measure, and interpret the data. The electronics that make this possible have always been our wheelhouse. We are investing approximately 20% of revenue into engineering to ensure we not only continue building our semiconductor lead but also excel in the emerging areas of photonics, machine learning, security, energy harvesting, and bio- and opto-electronics integration.

We are collaborating with entrepreneurs, universities and researchers exploring new ideas for sensor-to-cloud systems, autonomous machines, smart agriculture, precision medicine, as well as consumer, medical and industrial sensors across these markets:



Jumpstarting the autonomous vehicle with new ways to sense and comprehend the world around the car



Empowering clinicians, patients, and consumers to take control of their health and wellness



Improving productivity and driving efficiency with next-wave tools



Intelligently sensing the world around us

Connect with Analog Garage Through Accelerator Partners

At Analog Garage we provide the strategic resources and funding for your next big idea, but it is through our accelerator partners that many entrepreneurs choose to reach us. Check out our accelerator partner profiles here to find those that align with your area of focus.


Incubates a wide range of ideas but all with business-to-business, aka enterprise, customer development models.

Apply to Alchemist Accelerator


Hardware-focused entrepreneurs developing clean technology solutions for the world's biggest energy and environmental challenges.

Apply to Greentown Labs


Specializes in pre-seed, pre-product hardware funding through a San Francisco-based full-stack support team.

Submit a Pitch to Bolt


Incubators in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, and UK help entrepreneurs across any industry.

Apply to MassChallenge


Digital health focused team connecting entrepreneurs to experts, institutions, and resources.

Apply to Pulse@MassChallenge


No-fee, no-equity mentorships and the vast resources of UC Berkeley.

Apply to SkyDeck


Stanford University-affiliated entrepreneurs can access this no-fee, no-equity accelerator program.

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Our Team

At the Analog Garage, our team knows how to cultivate bold ideas and build new businesses. We combine engineering expertise and global networks with intensive business mentorship across many disciplines, including finance, manufacturing, product development, and sales.

Patrick O'Doherty

Patrick (Pat) O’Doherty

Vice President, Emerging Business Group

Pat is responsible for incubating new businesses within ADI, investing in promising start-ups, and mentoring entrepreneurs. Pat is known for knocking down road blocks and connecting founders to engineers, research, and business talent that can take ideas to the next level. With over 25 years of experience building successful businesses at ADI, areas of special interest include signal processing technology, industrial applications, and university partnerships. Pat is also on the Advisory Board of BOLT, SkyDeck & Greentown Labs.

Alain Guery

Alain Guery

Director, Emerging Business

Alain leads a dedicated team of PhDs and business strategists scouting, exploring, and cultivating disruptive ideas from inside and outside ADI. While medical and wearables are recent areas of interest, Alain spent much of his career collaborating alongside innovators in the industrial instrumentation markets. Alain is highly regarded for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of energy harvesting, sensor-to-cloud systems and sensor device technology, particularly chemical, optical, and biological sensors. Alain’s business development team provides coaching and engineering support to start-ups primarily through accelerators and incubators.

Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy

Director of Finance, Emerging Business Group

Julie leads the finance decisions for investments from Angel to Series B rounds. Her responsibilities include due diligence, negotiations and deal structuring. Julie has more than 20 years of technology industry experience in finance and mergers and acquisitions and is a Certified Public Accountant. A member of the Analog Garage venture team, Julie evaluates cutting-edge technology pitches and proposals submitted by entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in partnering with Analog Devices. Julie is also Finance Director for the office of the CTO. Previously, Julie held various finance positions across Analog Devices in SEC reporting, corporate accounting and product lines and was a senior auditor at Deloitte.

Nimrode Moreshet

Director of Emerging Business, Analog Garage

Nimrode leads the Analog Garage West team of business development and systems engineering experts based in San Francisco and San Jose. Nimrode has been evaluating companies and new business ideas since his days in equity research at William Blair. He joins the Analog Garage from ADI’s corporate M&A group where his strategic vision, financial analysis, and instincts for disruptive ideas drove a number of small, medium, and large deals. Nimrode is interested in autonomous systems, sensors, automation, and AI-based embedded systems.

Adrian Fox

Adrian Fox

Senior System Architect, Emerging Business Group

Adrian is responsible for assessing technology implementations in emerging businesses across healthcare and IoT that have a hardware design focus.  His areas of specialty are RF, power management and precision measurement signal chain design.  Adrian’s extensive experience acquired through working in all phases of the hardware design flow process provides a clear path to turning start-up ideas into proof of concepts in short timelines while meeting cost targets. Adrian is the primary liaison to SystemX Alliance at Stanford University, an initiative to enable ubiquitous sensing, computing and communication with embedded intelligence.

Sylvain Marseille

Sylvain Marseille

Senior Marketing Manager, Emerging Business Group

Sylvain is responsible for scouting Silicon Valley startups to identify future game changing partners for ADI. He is passionate about the process of innovation in large companies and specializes in B2B marketing in the areas of automotive, industrial and healthcare.  Sylvain has significant international experience and has a deep understanding of cultural differences in companies big and small.  He serves as a mentor to internal innovation projects and is the ADI liaison to SkyDeck and StartX.

Raj Senguttuvan PhD

Raj Senguttuvan, PhD

Senior Manager, Emerging Business Group

Raj drives product innovation & new business development in healthcare & industrial IoT. Raj specializes in sensors, bio-sensors, medical devices, machine learning & data analytics, and Industry 4.0 technologies. He brings significant experience in leading new technology/product development, and is passionate about using technology to create new disruptive businesses.  Raj also leads engagement with the start-up ecosystem to evaluate business partnerships and investments. He has served as a mentor to several startups and is the primary liaison to MassChallenge PULSE and Greentown Labs.

Mario Freni

Mario Freni

Business Development Manager, Emerging Business Group

Mario has been in the semiconductor industry for over 16 years and has spent much of that time establishing a presence in the startup communities in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Mario is currently responsible for performing market research for new technologies and driving business development in the areas of materials sensing and bio sensing.  He is also a liaison to MassChallenge.

Amir Eldad

Analog Garage Venture Team Member

Amir is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded many successful technology start-ups. Amir leverages his global entrepreneurial experience as a member of the Analog Garage Venture Team. He has been instrumental in building entrepreneurial ecosystems while at MassChallenge, the leading global startup accelerator. Amir co-founded MassChallenge Israel and MassChallenge Switzerland. Amir is based in Israel, with active presence in Europe and Australia. He partners with start-ups and helps transition technology from universities to industry, sharing his influencer network and his expertise in business management and market development.

Roman Trogan

Senior Systems Architect, Emerging Business Group

Roman is responsible for technical assessment with an emphasis on new ideas for biomedical technologies, RF and microwave electronic systems, computer architecture and digital design, as well as energy harvesting and wireless power transfer. He evaluates the hardware and software aspects of new business ideas and looks for ways to collaborate. Roman has been on the ground floor of start-ups and is passionate about finding deep tech breakthroughs that can thrive in the stochastic world of emerging businesses. Roman began his career designing DSP processors and continues to counsel entrepreneurs inside and outside ADI on system architecture and design.

Innovations that solve the most complex, important, and impactful challenges: they stem from engineers with the passion and vision to stay ahead of what’s possible.

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