With the integration of Hittite Microwave website into Analog.com, we're excited to offer products across the entire frequency spectrum from DC to beyond 100 GHz. These products can be found under RF & Microwave.

You can now:

  • Browse all 2000 Analog Devices’ RF & Microwave products
  • Find technical support or ask a question in EngineerZone
  • Filter by part number or by specification in the parametric search tables
  • Take advantage of ADI’s design tools: ADIsimRF and ADIsimPLL updated with the HMC portfolio

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Hittite.com Analog.com
Amplifiers RF Amplifiers
Attenuators Attenuators
Automatic Gain Control Variable Gain Amplifiers
Broadband Time Delay Clock Generation & Distribution
Clocks & Timing Clock Generation & Distribution
Comparators - Clocked Clock Generation & Distribution
Comparators - Latch Track & Hold Data
Comparators - Window Clock Generation & Distribution
Crosspoint Switch Digital Crosspoint Switches
Data Converters Analog to Digital Converters
DC Power Conditioning Linear Regulators
DC Power Management Linear Regulators
Filters – Tunable Tunable Filters
Frequency Dividiers & Detectors Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, & Detectors
Frequency Multipliers Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, & Detectors
High Speed Digital Logic High Speed Logic
IF/Baseband Processing Tunable Filters
Interface Analog to Digital Converters
Limiting Amplifiers Optical Control
Mixers Mixers
Mods & Demodulators IQ Modulators & Demodulators
Mux & Demux Logic Mux/Demux
Optical Modulator Drivers Optical
Passives Attenuators
Phase Shifters Phase Shifters & Vector Modulators
PLLs PLLs/Synth
PLLs with Integrated VCOs PLLs/Synth
Power Detectors Power Detectors
SDVLAs Power Detectors
Switches RF Switches
Transceivers Integrated Transceivers, Transmitters & Receivers
Transimpedance Amplifiers Optical Transimpedance Amplifiers
Variable Gain Amplifiers Variable Gain Amplifiers
RF Connectorized Modules RF Connectorized Modules
Instrumentation - Signal Generators RF Connectorized Modules

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Instrumentation and Measurement

With over 1000 high performance RF ICs, ADI offers a wide variety of RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated solutions for the communication, T&M instrumentation, and military markets.


Learn More About the Hittite Acquisition

Antenna to bits and back.

The combined RF and microwave portfolios from Analog Devices, Inc. and Hittite Microwave include more than 2,000 high performance products from functional blocks to highly-integrated solutions. Complemented by the world's leading data converters, Analog Devices is the only single source supplier to cover the entire signal chain, from antenna to bits and back, across the entire frequency spectrum up to 110 GHz.

Solutions. Service. Speed.

ADI and Hittite Microwave share a passion for solving complex challenges like those found in high frequency systems. Customers benefit from more complete solutions that address the performance, reliability, and time-to-market requirements of an ever-widening range of applications. Serving the industrial, aerospace and defense, automotive, and communication infrastructure markets, the combined force brings new levels of design tools, technical support and manufacturing capability to customers designing RF, microwave, and millimeter wave systems.

A Message from ADI CEO Vincent Roche

Vincent Roche discusses the acquisition of Hittite Inc.

Two great histories in RF and Microwave innovation combine to create a bright future.

Strategy FAQs

Why did Analog Devices, Inc. acquire Hittite Microwave Corporation?

The combination of Analog Devices and Hittite Microwave is compelling for our customers and strengthens ADI's position as a leader in high performance signal processing. The combination of ADI's 10,000 device RF/IF to baseband signal chain and complementary system components and Hittite's 1,100 RF, microwave and millimeter wave signal chain components gives our customers the expertise and solutions for high performance design. We are able to serve their needs better by providing a complete portfolio capable of converting the frequency spectrum including RF, microwave and millimeter wave. We believe this will significantly benefit our customers by creating an integrated supplier for all of their RF needs. This acquisition opens expansion opportunities into microwave and millimeter wave frequencies - technologies where Hittite Microwave specializes. ADI offers Hittite Microwave customers access to our complementary portfolio of products, a far-reaching distribution network, and access to an established set of world-class supply chain systems, partners, and practices.

What are your long-term product development plans? Will your tools (FPGA rapid prototyping platforms, reference designs, simulation tools, calculators, etc.) support Hittite Microwave products?

The newly formed RF and Microwave Group, reporting up to Rick Hess, former CEO of Hittite Microwave Corporation, combines product teams from both companies. The mission of this group is to develop high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave solutions. Tools are an important part of the solution and we plan to have a comprehensive set of tools across the entire RF and microwave portfolio.

What are Analog Devices' plans to support aerospace and defense electronics?

The aerospace and defense market has been and will continue to be a very important part of ADI's overall strategy. This market has driven a number of product, process, packaging, and technology developments within ADI historically, with recent examples being in high speed converters, RF transceivers, IMUs (inertial measurements units) and EP packaging. The addition of the Hittite Microwave products enhances our ability to offer aerospace and defense customers complete solutions and our plan is to further expand our portfolio with additional investments.

Will the Hittite Microwave Corporation brand change?

Hittite Microwave Corporation is now Analog Devices. Hittite Microwave's portfolio is now represented as "Hittite Microwave Products from Analog Devices."

Will the current strategy of offering customized solutions of Hittite Microwave products change?

As a result of the acquisition, there is no change to Hittite Microwave's strategy of offering flexible solutions to satisfy our customers' needs.

Do you have any plans to obsolete any RF and microwave products? What is your end of life (EOL) policy?

There are no plans to obsolete any products as a result of the acquisition. When ADI makes the decision to discontinue manufacturing of a product, our policy is to issue a Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) in compliance with JESD48A. This provides for a 12-month Last Time Buy (LTB) period when customers may place orders and ADI continues to ship the product for up to 24 months from the date of the PDN.

Will Hittite Microwave products now be manufactured in Analog Devices fabs?

There will be no changes to the wafer fabrication of Hittite Microwave products. The current product portfolio will continue to use existing wafer fab suppliers.

Support FAQs

I am a customer of both Analog Devices and Hittite Microwave. How should I purchase product?

We are currently in the process of communicating order fulfillment and account coverage changes. If you have any questions, please contact your customer service representative. Starting on December 8th, all authorized distributors of ADI will be able to fulfill orders for Hittite Microwave products.

Are Hittite Microwave products now available for sale on analog.com?

At this time, Hittite Microwave products are not available for sale on analog.com. We are working diligently to add support for these products on our website. Hittite Microwave products continue to be available online through Digi-Key now and through ADI's authorized distributors beginning December 8, 2014.

Whom do I contact for technical support for Hittite Microwave products? Are these products supported on Analog Devices' EngineerZone technical support community?

Please continue to use your existing support channels. Hittite Microwave products are now supported on EngineerZone.As we continue to merge our technical support operations, we will provide updates on www.analog.com/hittite.

Operations FAQs

Will the Hittite Microwave part numbers change?

Existing Hittite Microwave part numbers will remain the same.

How will my existing Hittite Microwave product backlog be handled?

The integration of order management systems is planned for December 8, 2014. At this time, existing customer backlog will be moved to ADI's systems.Customers will have the option of providing a new purchase order, or allowing the switch between the two systems on existing purchase order. Customers will be given notice of the transition, and time to issue a new purchase order if needed.Customer service representatives will work with customers to manage this transition.

Will Hittite Microwave maintain my current shipment dates?

The acquisition of Hittite Microwave does not impact current shipment dates. Customers can use their current customer service contacts to check on any order related questions.

What if I need to return a Hittite Microwave product?

Customers should follow the same process used today to return Hittite Microwave products. The established Hittite Microwave customer service contact can assist.

Will Hittite Microwave purchase orders and invoices remain the same for my current orders?

There are no changes to Hittite Microwave purchase orders or invoices at this time. Any product shipped after December 8, 2014 will be invoiced by Analog Devices Inc.

What terms and conditions of sale govern my purchase?

Any purchase orders placed with Hittite Microwave, will be covered under the Hittite Microwave terms and conditions. Any purchase orders placed with ADI after Dec 8, 2014 will be covered by ADI terms and conditions.

Will there be a product change notice (PCN)?

There is no change to the manufacturing processes for any Hittite Microwave products. If there are any changes in the future, PCNs will be provided according to ADI's current standards.



Whether transmitting critical medical information, reporting news or linking people with family and friends, communications systems connect the world.


Aerospace and Defense

Today's radar, communications, avionics, and defense electronics demand the best in system level performance.

Aerospace and Defense