When will this change happen?

The websites were integrated March 29. All content related to Linear Technology products is now available on Analog.com.

Are you moving all the content from linear.com to analog.com?


Yes. All relevant technical content has been moved over and appropriately tagged to respective pages so that it appears in the correct places—where you’d expect to find it.

In the unlikely case that you notice something missing that you were looking for, please email us and we will be happy to help.

What are the new features of the site?


The newly integrated Analog.com features:

  • Completely redesigned product page experience—we know how important product pages are for our customers who want to quickly find, understand, and make a decision about a product. We also know that many customers use “shortcuts” including bookmarks and autofill information to go back to the same products multiple times, and that they are accustomed to a specific search functionality.

    Specifically, you’ll see:

    • New tabular navigation, which replaces list-style navigation to make it easier to find and compare the products users are looking for. The new tabular approach lets you easily view sections with one click and keep the nav bar with you, wherever you are on a page.
    • One-click access to important datasheets and key documents—this allows customers to get most critical documents at the top of the page without scrolling or searching the page allowing for quick decision making.
    • 30% wider content layout that gives users on both desktop and mobile a cleaner view so you can find what you are looking for, faster.
    • Quick view of available eval kits and reference designs in a new grid format, which simplifies the view previously available in Linear.com and lets you have a greater degree of control over the information you want to find.
  • LTspice®the same LTspice simulator users trust has a new home on Analog.com, and it will be easy to find across the site as well as on relevant product pages. LTspice will continue to have the same level of support customers are accustomed too.
  • Fully integrated product taxonomy—lets you access a broader portfolio of products with fewer clicks and greater certainty. If you are an existing Linear customer, you will notice that all power management product taxonomies will be organized in a similar way as they are on Linear.com today. This will help make the transition to Analog.com even easier.
  • Redesigned product category navigation—with over 400+ sub categories, we want to make it easier for customers to get more information, right at your fingertips. The new design includes product category search, roll-up product selection tables, one-click access to previously visited categories, new products feed, and quick links to categories and parametric search.
  • Improved parametric search experience—we’ve made it even easier to find a product and understand how it would work best in your design spec. We’ve updated the look and feel, so that users who value having elements such as familiar quick search filters, consistent power product terminology, and naming conventions will continue to benefit from this experience. We’ve also improved data visibility by not truncating any information and added the ability to reorder, hide and multi-sort columns.
  • Migrating myLinear to myAnalog—myLinear users will be seamlessly migrated to myAnalog, including all user preferences, subscriptions and product interests.

How will this change my experience?


We recognize the difference between analog.com and linear.com styles and anticipate that users, especially legacy linear.com users, will take time to adjust to the new analog.com structure and style.

To ease the transition, we have created preview videos as well as “quick tips” on the new product page and parametric tables to familiarize you with the new design. Additionally, we’ve taken the best of Linear.com’s parametric and product search/taxonomy features and created an updated site that integrates the entire product portfolio but makes things easier to find.

Why are you changing linear.com? I really liked it.


We recognize the differences between analog.com and linear.com layout and anticipate users will take some time to adjust. That said, we’ve done our homework, including extensive user testing with existing Linear and Analog customers, and we are confident that the transition should be smooth and fast for most of our users.

You might notice the use of rich imagery on homepage and non-product pages. This is a departure, in terms of design, look, and feel, from the existing linear.com site. Here’s why: Analog.com supports a wide spectrum of users who are interested in product information as well as a broader interest in what Analog Devices offers to customers, employees, partners, and the market in general. The content you see helps support our engagement with every site visitor.

What about my login to MyLinear?


We’ve automatically and securely transferred your MyLinear information, including preferences and other details that have helped you find what you need, before the new site launches. All content that was previously accessible through MyLinear Locker is now located in your myAnalog account, under Resources.

You should have received a couple of emails about this during February, and you’ll also get a “welcome” email to myAnalog during the week of the launch.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to WebsiteSupport@analog.com.

What about Parametric Search Tables?

We’ve updated both the parametric search functionality and the look and feel. Familiar elements from Linear.com such as quick search filters and power product terminology have been integrated into the tables. We’ve also improved data visibility by not truncating any information and added the ability to reorder, hide, and multi sort columns.

If I already have an order in the system that I placed through the website, will it get lost?


No. Your order is being fulfilled, and all order information is secure.

If you’re concerned about a specific order, though, please let us know—contact Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.

Who should I talk to if I have questions or concerns?


You have a lot of options here:

  1. For technical support, please contact our technical support via support request form or contact one of our regional support centers.
  2. Please direct questions/feedback regarding the website to WebsiteSupport@analog.com.
  3. Ask your tough design questions, browse our rich knowledge base, or read about new technologies and the engineers behind them in one of our blogs on EngineerZone.