IMS 2019 was an exciting week featuring the industry’s latest innovations in RF and microwave. ADI showcased its “Full Spectrum of RF Expertise” with demos for 5G, instrumentation and aerospace & defense. In case you missed the show or want another look, we’ve captured the demos on video below.

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See the latest RF & Microwave technologies showcased by Analog Devices at IMS 2019!

RFIC2019 Plenary Speaker

EGreg Henderson

Listen to Dr Greg Henderson, Senior Vice President Automotive, Communications and Aerospace & Defense, talk about "The Digital Future of RFIC's"

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Next Generation 5G mmW Radio from Bits-To-Beams

ADI's Next Generation 5G mmW Signal Chain solutions are here! See a complete Bits-To-Beams system with the all new MxFE AD9082, ADMV1017 Microwave Up/Down Converter, and the ADMV4801, 16 Channel Analog Beamformer.

Beamformer Integrated Solutions

Our Beamformer Integrated Solutions provides a complete time delay based, send and receive, beamforming chip to be used in communications and RADAR phased array. This solves the problem of designing discrete systems by integrating and reductions in circuitry needed to rapidly design analog beamformers as compared to discrete designs.

Massive MIMO RF Front-End Solution for Talise Integrated Transceivers Development Platform

To help speed your time-to-market, learn about our scalable massive MIMO RF to bits solution using the ADRF5545 Receiver Front-End IC reference board and the ADRV9009 integrated transceivers in the RF-DSP SDR Module.

Signal Generator on a Chip

Our newest single-chip vector signal generator, the AD9166, is an all-in one, direct-to-RF signal generator greatly simplifying traditional signal generator circuit design while offering superior performance.

RF Directional Detectors for Material Sensing

View how our integrated RF Directional Detector can be applied to non-contact material sensing and fluid detection measurements in a wide range of industrial applications.

Wideband Frequency Synthesizers for Millimeter Wave Applications

View our state-of-the-art phase noise and frequency hopping capability – with low power consumption, low noise and exceptionally low spurs. If you’re tasked with 5G, Massive MIMO, or Phased Array Radar you don’t want to miss this!

Phased Array Prototyping System

Watch an introduction to Keysight’s SystemVue workspace that allows users to simulate phased array systems. The workspace includes a behavioral model of Analog Devices' ADAR1000 X/Ku Beamformer IC along with a model of ADI's new ADTR1107 T/R Module

mmW Security Screening Tile

View our complete RF signal chain for the next generation of low-cost walk-through body scanning systems, featuring quad channel 10-40 GHz Tx and Rx devices along with a 16 channel sigma delta ADC. The Tile will solve your tough design and integration problems and accelerate your time-to-market.

60 GHz FMCW Radar Systems for Industrial Applications

Our next-generation 60 GHz industrial radar systems for absolute positioning and high-resolution imaging applications sets the standard in broad system, design, and algorithm expertise for innovative and high-performance RADAR applications.

Low EMI, Silent Switcher µModule Regulators

View our new 36Vin, 60Vin Silent switcher µModule Regulators that feature wide operating frequency range (which minimize EMI/EMC emissions) that make them ideal for noise sensitive signal processing applications such as imaging and RF system.

Silicon (SOI) RF Front-End Solutions for 5G

Analog Devices offers wide range of switches, digital attenuators and integrated Switch+LNA Receiver Front-End module products to address Massive-MIMO and Millimeterwave 5G system requirements in compact form.

Enabling Wideband Frequency Generation Solution with RF Tunable Filters

Our new wideband synthesizer ADF4371 with the ADMV8416 and ADMV8432 RF Tunable Filters incorporates quad differential outputs generating low phase noise signals without undesired harmonic tones which will allow you to observe both filtered and unfiltered signals during circuit evaluation.

Instrument-grade Performance for 5G Test

Our 5G mmWave 24 GHz to 40 GHz RF Signal Receiver can achieve instrument grade EVM performance using a few components enabling fast development of handheld and benchtop systems.

Tiny Radar 24GHz Multi-channel Radar System

TinyRadar is a 24GHz ISM Band Radar System on a Small Factor PCB, built expressly for Industrial Radar markets. Featuring a 2Ghz, IMSM Radar System (with associated GUI software) TinyRadar displays a Range-Doppler plot (distance and speed) of objects detected by a hand-held corner reflector.