YOU DRINK WHAT?!? Water Quality Analysis for Environmental Measurement

Water makes life on earth possible, so environmental & process monitoring of our shared resource is paramount. Sustainability and the betterment of our earth, human health, and even the products and services we rely on depend on water quality. Liquid analysis measurements must be designed to be simpler and more reliable as our sensing networks expand, research advances, and regulations change to protect our waters. Effective system design addresses these measurement implementation challenges head-on but also must provide flexibility to adapt to a broad range of measurement scenarios. This webinar addresses those design challenges with key considerations for developing robust platforms for measurement and rapid customization.

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Daniel Braunworth is the segment manager for Analog Devices Scientific Instruments business, a key segment of ADI’s Instrumentation business. Daniel has an electrical engineering degree from Oregon State University and has been leading and developing marketing strategies in the semiconductor industry for the past 12 years with a focus on analog, sensing, and power management technology.