Precision Sigma Delta ADCs: Noise, Bandwidth, Settling

Lifting the lid on Noise, Bandwidth and Settling time of Sigma Delta ADC converters (ADCs). The webcast will provide an overview of the basic concepts of Sigma Delta Converters followed by an in-depth look at the noise, bandwidth and settling time tradeoffs in designing high resolution systems. Digital filter basics and the relationship between settling time and multiplexing inputs are explored.

Michael Clifford is an applications engineer in the Linear and Precision Technology Applications Team at Analog Devices (Limerick, Ireland). He has worked for Analog Devices since 2004 and is focused on precision analog-to-digital converter products, in particular those using the Σ-Δ topology for both precision dc and ac measurement. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering (B.E.E.E.) from University College Cork (UCC).