bob-scannell Presenter
Bob Scannell ,
Business Development Manager

Inertial Sensors Propel the Internet of Moving Things

The availability of highly reliable, intelligent, and connected sensors is creating new industrial efficiencies. In many cases, there is added value from making such sensor nodes increasingly autonomous and mobile, and thus precision motion tracking of the sensor node becomes critical to the applications success. This next generation of Industrial sensors are smaller, more cost effective, and support centimeter level positioning accuracy; enabling the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT).

Bob Scannell is a business development manager for ADI’s MEMS inertial sensor products. He has been with ADI for over 20 years in various technical marketing and business development functions, ranging from sensors to DSP to wireless, and previously worked at Rockwell International in both design and marketing. He holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from UCLA, and an MS in computer engineering from USC.