Analog Devices connectivity solutions bridge physical and digital worlds in the car

Automotive megatrends such as Personalization, Autonomy, Connectivity and Electrification are driving the rapid adoption of new features and applications that drastically enhance our driving experience. Analog Devices fuses deep market expertise and collaboration with industry leaders with cutting-edge connectivity technologies to provide optimum automotive connectivity solutions. In this webcast we will discuss how ADI's connectivity technologies bridge physical and digital world in the car.

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Vlad Bulavsky is a Sr. Product Line Director at Analog Devices, responsible for Automotive Connectivity Products. Since joining ADI in 1993, he has held business development, strategic marketing, systems engineering and software development roles. His primary focus is on automotive digital cabin experience and vehicle sensor connectivity. Vlad is holding Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

Ken Waurin is a strategic marketing manager at Analog Devices, where he has overall responsibility for Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology. Since joining ADI in 1996, he has held product management, business development, tactical, and strategic marketing roles that span multiple technology areas including DSP, MEMS, converter, video, and connectivity. His primary focus is on automotive infotainment and emerging applications driving vehicle differentiation such as premium audio, road noise cancellation, and in-vehicle zonal communications.

  • Presenter
  • Paul Slattery

    Marketing Manager, Automotive Technology Group

Paul Slattery is a strategic marketing manager with the Automotive Connectivity and Sensing Group at Analog Devices. Paul worked in applications and product engineering before joining the marketing team in 2016. Paul has in-depth knowledge of automotive connectivity solutions and helped define the C2B portfolio of products. Paul received his B.Eng. degree and an M.B.A. from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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  • Fionn Hurley

    Marketing Manager, Automotive Technology Group

Fionn Hurley is a marketing manager with the Automotive Cabin Electronics Group at Analog Devices, Inc. (Limerick, Ireland). Fionn has been with Analog Devices since 2007. He previously held roles as an RF design engineer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from University College Cork in Ireland.