Advances in Phased Array Analog Beamforming Solutions

This webcast will introduce the concept of phased array and why its useful. We'll next look at trade-offs between Analog and Digital Beamforming. Then we'll begin to focus on Analog Beamforming and advances in Semiconductor Technology and ICs that are making these solutions higher performance, simpler to implement and more cost effective.

Keith Benson graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a B.S.E.E and the University of California, Santa Barbara with a M.S.E.E in 2004. He then began his career in 2004 designing Microwave ICs at Hittite Microwave Corporation. In 2011, he became the manager of an IC design group focusing on designing high frequency amplifiers and integrated frequency conversion ICs. In early 2014, he became the Director of Amplifier products for Hittite Microwave. In July of 2014, Hittite Microwave was acquired by Analog Devices where he became a Product Line Director for RF/MW Amplifier and Phased Array ICs. Keith holds three U.S. patents related to novel amplifier techniques.