USB-C Fast Charging with Insights and Protection

MAXREFDES179# shows how easy and elegant every block of a USBC-PD system can be addressed and solved with ADI solutions. The REFDES is a complete USBC Power Delivery (PD) solution for charging via USB-C PD for 2-cell systems. The MAX77598 is a PD controller that handles all communication for the PD protocol. Customers do not need to write any SW, nor do they need a microcontroller as the chip does everything itself. It can also handle PPS, the most advanced charging technology for USB-C. The MAX77960 is a Buck Boost Charger, which is tailored for USBC PD : it can charge 2 or 3 cells, and is very efficient and small. Last but not least, the MAX17320 is a Fuel Gauge for up to 4 cells including battery protector and balancing feature. It contains ADI's unique algorithm M5 which allows accurate stage of charge measuring without battery characterization. Compared to the competition, we also have a quiescent current that is several factors lower and is the only solution which detects internal short circuits in the battery, helping avoid fires.